Sunday, December 13, 2009

What does the phrase 'Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder' mean?

I wouldn't know....nobody finds me attractive...I missed you Trevor. How have you been?What does the phrase 'Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder' mean?
We each might find someone/something different to be beautiful. For example, one guy might think his gf is the most beautiful girl in the world. His best friend might think that she looks like a troll. In this case, we'd say that ';Beauty is in the eye of the beholder';.... meaning that each guy has a different idea of what it means to be beautiful.What does the phrase 'Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder' mean?
It means if I am beholding (seeing) something it might be beautiful to me but ugly to someone else. Newborn babies are a prime example. To the parents and maybe a few other relatives the baby is beautiful but to most other people it looks like a wrinkly, red, inhuman thing.

Like how Rooster thinks his Polar Bear is beautiful but Furry Guy seems to be repulsed by her.
It goes along well with the phrase, ';One mans trash is another mans treasure.';

It just means that beauty is interpretive.

And sure, to go along with what you said, it takes a beautiful soul to be able to see beauty in this world, but that's not what the phrase is saying.
That ones perception of beauty is highly subjective, obviously.

I don't find many so-called supermodels to be all that pretty; likewise, my choice of who I consider to be hot, or what art I find appealing, might puzzle other people, as they would make different choices.
Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder, but sometimes it is nessecary to give the Beholder a black eye.
Different things are beautiful to different people. We all have different opinions. Theres this guy who I thought was gorgeous. Heaven sent. And everyone else thought he looked like a troll. What am I smoking? What are THEY smoking? -._.
Pretty much exactly what it says. Even though we are all the same (people) we are also all very different when it comes to our own perception of the world. Life especially forms how we see things and how we either like or dislike them.
Beauty is subjective. Unlike Math which is objective, beauty is opinion based.
I think that you are over-analyzing and reading too much into this commonly used idiom.

Most people don't mean all that when they say it.
It means I now have this line stuck in my head:

';For every hour that passes by, you know the world gets a little bit older.';

Thanks heaps!
It means you find men attractive, whereas I find women attractive.
It's something people say when confronted with the 'am I ugly' question.
It's an opinion
It means you have a face like my dog's a_s_shole. Welcome back!

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