Saturday, December 26, 2009

Girls I need beauty help, what am I doing wrong with eye cream?

I have been using clinique eye cream for a few months now but I actually think my eyes are looking more wrinkled and more saggy, is there a way to apply?Girls I need beauty help, what am I doing wrong with eye cream?
You should dot a small amount around your eye area and dab it into your skin not rub it as this will cause more wrinklesGirls I need beauty help, what am I doing wrong with eye cream?
I would definitely ask advice of your Clinique consultant, but also, the general advice for eye cream aways seems to be

--- less is more

----apply iwth the ring finger as it is the weakest and less likely to cause stretching and damage

----apply to the outside corners as the cream migrates inwards anyway.

If nothing works, try a bit of Aloe Vera gel
Eye cream is always applied as a thin layer in upward,circular motions..don't use to much and don't let the cream 'drag' along your skin.Try this method and hopefully that should help.Failing that as an adviser or someone on the boots beauty counter.I find them very helpful :)
Use neem paste with coconut milk and let me know the result after few months.
Clinique is a well established brand, and I'd be surprised that any of their products are ineffective, and I base this on personal experience, not only the commercial campaigns.

The way to apply eye cream is just not to stress the delicate area while doing it. First, mechanically, meaning you shouldn't rub anything into it as these movements will only make it worse. A small amount of cream should be dabbed as lightly as possible from inward towards outward angle of the eye.

Controversy over any given quantity is disputable: I've heard experts argue that there isn't too much when this area is concerned, and others who advocate thin layers. Personally, I've been blessed with almost no lines in that area, and face in general, but I have been using Clinique skin care products more than other brands. They work for me.
actually yes,but it could also be the kind of cream you're using.have you tried arbonne??

its good stuff...鈥?/a>鈥?/a>
Do NOT use more than a tiny, and take note of tiny! dab of cream under the eye, do not rub it in either, just slightly press at intervals under the eye.
possibly there is nothing wrong with the eye cream but the way u apply it. plz read the directions on the product once again and mildly dab the cream rather than rubbing it under ur eye area.

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