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Is beauty within eye of the beholder?

What are your views on what you find beautiful? How does the opinion on what is 'beautiful' vary culturally? (E.g.In countries such as Africa, America etc)Is beauty within eye of the beholder?
yes, because it is subjective. What you think is beautiful I might despise. You might find what I think is beautiful too simplistic to be called ';beautiful';... there are many variables to the reasoning that something or someone is beautiful. Is beauty within eye of the beholder?
Absolutely. And the ';beholder's eye'; is heavily influenced by their culture. For details on cultural differences, you need to do your research. I only know generalities, how some African cultures value wide hips, long skinny necks, etc.

Keep in mind that standards of beauty also change over time within a culture. Look at Hollywood pics of ';beauties'; in the 40s/50s. Marilyn Monroe, Rosalind Russell %26amp; others would be considered ';fat'; by today's anorexic standards. If you watch musicals from earlier American eras, you'll notice the dancers have much more substantial hips/tushies/thighs than today, too.
I agree with the quote as what I may consider to be beautiful could be deemed as unattractive by another, and vice versa. Beauty is subconsciously considered as what looks normal. Oddly shaped and over sized features can sometimes be considered as unattractive. On the other hand big lips and eyes can also be very attractive. I guess beauty is up to interpretation and does vary alot across different cultures. But I think any culture as a majority will assess beauty with a general format. Which include a nice weight, (not to fat not to thin) and proportional natural looking features. However obviously there are many exceptions, as some people believe that looking very different is unique which is beauty.
One of the answers I answered here the other night was ';Are crocodiles beautiful?'; I've seen a ton of them living here in Florida, and I have never yet seen one I thought was beautiful. Hell, I ain't never seen one I even thought was pretty! But I'm sure Steve Irwin would disagree with me!

Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder.
However trite it sounds,What ever takes my breath away.Beauty ';is';in the eye of the beholder.I've no conscious control over it.Presumably Damian hurst or Tracy Emin produce Beautiful works of art,but it flys past emotional response,therefore no beauty.Others value the work highly.In their eyes they behold what I dont.
hi holly,

beauty is that which attracts one's may be attracted to a flower and other to a bird...sometimes the same flower may b liked by one guy and the other may lies in ur eyes beautiful ur view is one the object that beautiful it appears to is one's mind that judges the beauty of ur vision.....for eg one may find my answer to this question to be beautiful...a few may reject it....! its all the beauty of ur mind.....
Yes beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. It can be physical beauty or beauty of the mind and soul.

I guess it's defined pretty much the same way all over the globe.
in american culture, thin with a big bust and butt is ';attractive'

but truly it is in the eye of the beholder.

i think everyone has something that's beautiful about them, inside or out.
bottom line is that everyone has their own opinions. thats it. cant get much simpler than that.
i think so,a female that looks good to me may not do it for someone that only likes fat girls.

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