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Why do people keep saying ';beauty is in the eye of the beholder';?

If you are in love with someone, yes indeed it is a mystery, since they don't have to be very good looking as society would have it., however,

that is all it means.

In general, beauty is NOT ONLY in the eye of the beholder, there is a rule of beauty which has pertained and holds true for the most part since recorded history.

Angelina Jolie would be just as beautiful 2000, 500, 150, years ago as she is considered today.

Even when they claim women were preferred to be a bit portly, they still had the same ideal measurments of .07 as it is today-- fertility.

And a beautiful face has the same general dimensions as it always has.

Study after study always backs this as well. Babies pay more attention and stare at a ';pretty' face than they do a homely one--where the lose interest very fast and look away.

As cruel as it sounds, there will never be a magazine selling a product with a girl with a hunchback, overweight, bad skin and teeth and ratty hair.--never. Thoughts?Why do people keep saying ';beauty is in the eye of the beholder';?
The phrase ';beauty is in the eye of the beholder'; encompasses both realms of beauty. The outer (tangible) appearance pleasing to the natural eye is one manifestation of beauty.

The inner (intangible) impression is the pleasant vibe we feel in the presence of a person who is easy to get along with.

A person who has features different from the popular opinion of what is beautiful is considered beautiful because the inner beauty enhances the outer appearance.

One can say beauty is seen with the natural set of eyes and the spiritual eye.Why do people keep saying ';beauty is in the eye of the beholder';?
beauty is a matter of personal taste

what may look beautiful 2 me may not be beautiful in your eyes

what a large proportion of people believe is beautiful is generally reagarded as a BEAUTY !
It's a proverb. That means it has layers of meaning.

At the mental (base) level you would understand it to be a comment about the perception of physical beauty.

A proverb is supposed to trigger wisdom. It's supposed to carry you from the immediate to the universal. In this case, from how we recognize beauty to how we interact with the world.

It's not about beauty, it's about perspective: Everyone sees things differently.

And not just that...As with anothers perception of beauty, we should let them have it and not try to correct them...because they are not wrong.

About your actual question

There is a universal standard of beauty, based on facial structure and how far apart your eyes are, BUT since we are more than just our appearance-and all that we are is present, along with our physical bodies-any persons perception of our beauty is based on much more than just physical attractiveness.

And that, btw, is completely unrelated to the proverb that you mentioned.
It's basically the way we regard others. For example, a nice but so-called ugly person may be considered beautiful by some, yet grossly ugly by others. A good-looking but nasty person may be called a beauty by some, yet considered ugly by others. Thanks to all the media hype on slimness and all those beauty products on the shelves of almost every shop you enter, this phrase may not hold true for those who only look out for superficial stuff.
True enough ';Beauty is in the eye of the beholder'; But Who's opinion of beauty? Everyone has their own definition of it. You can be with one of the most physically attractive person of the opposite sex (in you eyes) but another person is wondering how in the world did those two hook up. At the same time, even though that person is phycally attractive and turns head where ever he/she goes, they could have one of the worst personalities / attitudes that make them one of the most un-attractive. Your choice, beauty is skin deep, but ugly is to the bone.
I always thought it was beauty was in the eye of the beer holder......
Even in the bible it talks of beauty - Sarah was very beautiful in fact all the Matriarchs were considered beautiful

Joesph and king David were noted for their beauty.

A priest serving in the Holy Temple was not allowed to have one eyebrow or hunchbacked or a clubbed foot.

yes there is a standard for beauty that is why it is greatly sought after .

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder means that you can see objectively whether a person has beauty but when the beholder is emotionally involved (ie mother to child or spouse or lover) then they are more forgiving
Just because I am not ';celebrity - magazine beautiful'; does not mean I am not pretty. Yes, there are standards for the time, but that does not mean there is not someone out there who finds that ';hunchback, overweight, bad skin and teeth'; girl attractive.

And just a note about Angelina Jolie's timeless beauty. Over years, the definition of beauty changes. Throughout the 1700s all the way through the early 1900s, a beautiful woman was one with some meat on her. Angelina would be way too skinny to be considered beautiful then.

Also consider different cultures. I may not find a Chinese* or Japanese* man to be particulary attractive - but I bet there are lots of women from those cultures that do. And other cultures may have other traits that make someone beautiful.

*substitute ANY culture other than your own.
Same concept as one mans trash is another persons treasure,
vcause an eye holder can say how beautifull is madonna not a blind person.
its simple: its a consolation to those who doesnt have the feature of the materialistic hot chiqs in fashion mag ie: tall, fair, blonde, hourglass body shape, we- the society, the world has inadvertently opt for. We all need consolation.

but then again, every statement in ur questions on ly refer to physical appearances in which will not apply for all situations.

coz the phrase '; beauty lies in the eye of the beholder'; strongly pin point to inner beauty. The rare charisma that has to be revealed. A beauty that will not surface till we get to know dat person. Not evrything is judged by skin depth impresion yO! the deepest beauty not to found onli in the face,lips eyes pics or paintings...
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