Saturday, December 26, 2009

How to maintian eye beauty?

eye beauty starts with the basics such as - firming eye gel,and firming eye creme this way your eyes will get the moisture that they need. Also always remember to remove your makeup at night. This way your eyes will not get that puffiness. All makeup will clog pores so reamember to use a good cleanser at night. I am a senior consultant with Mary Kay cosmetics. If you would like I can send you some samples of some of the best products. We do have a try before you buy policy which makes us the best. And if you are not fully satisfied with our product you can send it back for a full refund. You can't lose! So have a look at my website so I can send you some of our product samples for your eyecare needs. And remember to register with your name and full address. Best wishes!!How to maintian eye beauty?
there are some supplements you can take. Go to a health food store. The person there could help recommend what it is best for youHow to maintian eye beauty?
i heard that cucumbers don't do anything. my mom used frozen teabags and slept a healthy amount.
Wear sunglasses and use eye sunscreen...I wish I had done that!
Olay products. They're pretty pricy for products found in grocery stores, but they really work!
drink plenty of water 6-8 glasses a day
take off your makeup at night and also wear on of those eye mask if you want. Remember eye creme is not for the old
drink plenty of fluids, eat alot of fresh fruits, go 2 be on time, use a good face cream (like nivea soft). Avoid excessive exposure 2 the sun and dont frown or make too many faces!!
don't stay late.sleep 6-8 hrs a day.when sleeping place cucumber cuts on your eyes.
By using natural products and putting it under the eyes, cucumber slices and yoghurt.
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