Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Does eye color determine beauty?

I'm starting to think it does...cause every time a fat, deformed-looking girl on here asks if she is pretty, everyone says ';yeah'; if she has blue or green eyes and ';no'; if she has hazel or brown eyes. I don't get it. Do you think eye color is what makes someone pretty?Does eye color determine beauty?
I think brown eyes and hazel eyes are just as pretty as green or blue eyes (not just because my eyes are dark brown). I guess blue or green eyes are more rare than brown eyes... I don't know. I actually like brown eyes more. They have depth to them and contrast good with hair and skin color. I think the size and shape of eyes are more potent in facial beauty than the color. Facial structure, lips size and shape etc... they all contribute to someones beauty. Eye color is minute. Maybe they are trying to make the girl feel better about herself because it is likely that she never gets an compliments. I hope this answers your question :)Does eye color determine beauty?
No, i definitely don't think so. In fact, studies have shown that what unconsciously makes us think someone is good looking is the symmetry of their faces - what we consider to be ugly people have less symmetric faces.

Personally, I prefer brown eyes on people, while I myself have blue eyes.
Well it can certainly help... But it's is very subjective... I hate blue eyes and totally adore green and brown ones... But it does not determine your being ugly or not... There is face structure, body type, confidence and even hair....
nope. i dont even think that eye color matters that much.

Not really.

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