Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How do you employ ';beauty in the eye of the beholder'; w/ an example that would defy general consensus?

In high school a very plain girl without curves married the best looking boy in school. She was not sugar sweet nor mean just a nice person. I know he saw something special in her that maybe others did not see. PoppyHow do you employ ';beauty in the eye of the beholder'; w/ an example that would defy general consensus?
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How do you employ ';beauty in the eye of the beholder'; w/ an example that would defy general consensus?
'; Beauty is in the eye of the beholder '; has always reminded me that there are many different opinions and viewpoints regarding most things. That idea has encouraged me to attempt to recognize and consider all aspects. That does not suggest that I am liberal in my thinking because I very rarely differ in my final convictions. I do want to practice and exercise my freedoms. An example that would defy general consensus would be something that no one would or could find beauty in and my idea would be an animal being eaten alive by screwworms. Anyone that has never seen this would not understand and therefore would not be able to disagree and anyone who has seen this and doctored these poor animals would totally agree.
Remember, the rose is beautiful, but it has thorns. True beauty is not what you see on the outside, but the person you see on the inside. A person can be quite ordinary, but one of the most lovable people you know, and a very beautiful person can have many thorns. This is not true in all cases, but we do see it.
I know a lady who is 100 years old (I clean her house). She is short, wrinkled, gray haired, etc. But to me she is one of the most beautiful people I know, due to her kind heart, her joy in life, her wisdom, and her ability to make others laugh. To me, she is truly an inspiration, and I am happy to have known her for many years.
It has always been my nature to look to the inside of people before the outside. I always fall in love with their personality. their spirit. Even my own mother had a hard time understanding me. I would turn down dates with handsome men and date someone that would not be considered handsome but I would enjoy their company so much and they would make me laugh and treat me with the utmost respect. So, when I brought home the man I decided to spend the rest of my life with who was 6 inches shorter than me and not the most handsome of men, it did not surprise them. But, in a very short time my parents loved him like he was their own son. His lust for life, keen sense of humor, and the fact that he treated me like a queen, won them over. 38 years later we are still very much in love and he is still the same wonderful man.
The owner of that dog that keeps winning ';The ugliest dog in America'; contest will tell you all about it ! That poor thing has no hair except for one tuft on top his head, he has no teeth and a tongue that hangs out. . he slobbers and his eyes bulge out and one is crossed ! He is hunched back and has arthritis in his knees. . . . but the owner loves him to pieces !!!!
At its simplest, Kate Moss. Never understood what the attraction was with her, except maybe to all those pedophils back when she was still young looking. Besides being too skinny, I always kind of felt she was totally not in control of her own life, that maybe modeling wasn't something she actually liked doing. And now she's a joke at such a young age.
We have a neighbor who is old, nasty tempered and looks like a troll. He still manages to get women to come home with him. Just the thought of him with no clothes on is enough to make me lose my cookies!
Danny Bonaduce. :-)
Think Barbra Streisand. Her looks defied hollywood glamour but her talent made her a star.
I want to have sex with the elephant man.

How's that?

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