Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Beauty in the eye of the beholder?

true...or false

explainBeauty in the eye of the beholder?
...true, I see, U see, too! Perspective and points of views, are never...exact, similar, almost, not quite, maybe, never the


...enjoy!Beauty in the eye of the beholder?
I think it is true.

People have different feelings about different things. Some people look for looks. Others look for personality. If they feel a person is attractive, it doesn't always have to be because the person looks beautiful. The person could be the most humble, caring person on earth. This might not appeal to someone else because they're not good looking from the outside.

So, basically - what you perceive the person to be is what you're gonna describe the person as. This is naturally going to vary from person to person.
True because we all see what we want to see.
True because people judge the external temporary manifestation of the true self. It is uniquely relative.
Yep, it's true. What to one is beauty is ugliness to another. It's all about perspective.

Life is like a gi-normas Diamond with light refracting from it in all directions. We, the human race, are all standing around the Diamond asking one another what is the meaning of life. Well, it kinda depends on where you are standing and the light you are seeing reflecting from the diamond in the place you are. One says ';it's definitely blue';, the other says ';no it is isn't, it's red';, the other sees ';green'; and yet another sees ';orange'; or ';yellow';. Each, standing in their own perspective sees the same Diamond but with different views, none of which is wrong for them. But each is right in and of themselves from where they stand. The Diamond is still the same Diamond, but it depends on where you are standing as to which perspective you have and what color you see.

So, beauty, and all of life for that matter, depends on the eye of the beholder.
OMG ! THAT WAS from twightlight zone, we had to watch it for art stupid but yeah. lol ! i guess true idk i didn't rly pay action to it. ROFL.

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Everyone has a different palate. I may like Spaghetti- you may like Filet Mignon.

Everyone likes different kinds of music.

Our perceptions of the world are selective. Our eyes seek out that which we covet.

We hear what we want to. See what we want to.

One man's filth is another man's treasure trove.

Ergo, to the eyes, what is to be found as aesthetically pleasing depends on to whom the eyes belong.
definitely true. how many times do u see a couple and think... jeeeze whats he/she doing with her/him. the more i like someone the more beautiful they seem.
Of course. No two people see something the same way. It all depends on past experience and stuff like that.

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