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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder? True or False?

How is that true? I do understand people have different preferences but if you are physically beautiful you will always have a group of admirers regardless of where you go. Not everyone will see you as pretty or approach you but most people will say you're pretty. There is even scientific research that claims that physical beauty is somewhat universal. For women, bigger, symmetrical perky boobs along with a small waistline and wide hips is attractive. The women that most men find attractive naturally have higher levels of estrogen than others.Beauty is in the eye of the beholder? True or False?
even though many guys may find that woman attractive...the fact that they find her attractive proves that they have preferences. not all guys like big boobs and that stuff %26gt;.%26gt;. the statement is TRUEBeauty is in the eye of the beholder? True or False?
I would say both true and false.

Scientific information can back up the false, but you could factor in inner beauty and personal preferences.

I'm not sure how valid the information you provided is, but there were similar facts in a book that I read. It has to do with pleasure centers/aesthetics and psychology and whatnot.

I do also know that the more I see a persons positive traits, the more likely I am to also see them as physically beautiful. I do also have preferenes, as with everyone else. What I mean here is, the curvy blond may be attractive to many people, but the guy with the pink mohawk may prefer the one with the green mohawk.

Sometimes, it is a matter of how things fit together. The example my friend, Li Lian, and I discussed was, which looks nicer in the garden, flowers or lightbulbs? While some may prefer the lightbulbs, most prefer the flowers.
Yes I believe , ';Beauty is in the eyes of the Beholder';

Not all women are based on the ';scientific ';research'; If you

find someone attactive because of their body , that is a physcial attaction , she turns around and her looks are just common , not

what you thought she would look like . If her looks attract you

first and her body is not what you would want , then what?

A woman that is thin , full figured , ugly , beautiful , they have

one thing in common , they are women ..

Would you walk away from a woman who is thin and beautfful ?

Of course not , but inside she is the meanest , most arrogant

woman you ever met . Flip it over , if the woman is not great looking doesn't have the greatest body but her personality shines ..

That my friend , Is Beauty .. And the Beholder can look into her eyes

and see Beauty ..

It's because this thing we call beauty is mainly a perceptual thing. We call something beautiful because it looks beautiful to us. If there isn't a person there to see, beauty isn't recognized (and even if no one's around, and the beautiful person looks in the mirror: that person is the observer and the observed!). Granted certain measurements and geometric configurations, as well as physical health, seem to do their magic. But again, If a person isn't there to conclude ';beautiful,'; all it is is substance at a point and place in time.

Beauty is a conclusion in the mind an heart of the person looking.

It was even a social game I liked playing in my mind. I loved to strike up conversations with ';average - unattractive'; looking men. Then I'd sit there staring while in conversation %26amp; pick out what I found to be physically ';beautiful'; about them. Now add that + personality and all of the sudden I'm talking to a very attractive man.

It worked 100% of the time. It's fun trying to find G-d's hidden beauty everywhere around me. People should try it sometime.
That's an interesting question. I always said that I would never have chosen my husband, if I met him on a dance floor. But I met him on a blind date (do they have such a thing now adays?). And something magical happened the longer I got to know him. Not only did I fall madly in love with him, but he started to look handsome to me. I was more physically attracted to him than anyone else I met. So I guess, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

My husband died recently, and even in old age, and ill health, he was still handsome.
it just depends on your experiences with people and things. with parents, their kid could be the ugliest brattiest thing on the planet, they will tell you how beautiful their child is.

Some guys like bigger girls, and some guys like the stick thin model types. Some girls like tall geeky looking guys and some like short beefy guys. It's all a matter of what you like and don't like.
True. Because I fell in love with a drug-addict, he as the nicest guy ever, and he had a good heart. However, almost everyone hated the guy. But to me, he was an angel.
Beauty is not limited nor constricted to the face or the form...

The phrase refers to one who can appreciate true formless beauty.
True, if you develop the ability to see behind the outer camouflage that is sometimes presented?
...false, my mind says otherwise...

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