Saturday, December 26, 2009

Is there truth in the fact that beauty is in the eye of the beholder?

Yes, there is truth in that. I see beauty where others don't. My philosophyis is you look for beauty you will find it. Most people are a little pessimistic and they do not take the time to really see....Is there truth in the fact that beauty is in the eye of the beholder?
Absolutely. I am in a relationship with a man to whom I was not even attracted at the outset, and who I perceived would never find me attractive. After taking a deeper look and getting to know him as a person, his true beauty was revealed to me and I can no longer look at him without feeling such a depth of love. And he is just plain HOT. Me? I still do not understand why he is attracted to me. There is just no logical explanation. But in me he sees beauty. And he saw that beauty at the outset, and it just increased the more he got to know me.

True beauty lies beyond the physical and touches us at a level we can only sense subconsciously. That touching triggers our thoughts and feelings and defines beauty to our physical eyes.Is there truth in the fact that beauty is in the eye of the beholder?
Definitely. How many people think Paris Hilton is pretty? Or Britney Spears? Julia Roberts? Gretchen Wilson? Keira Knightley? Natalie Portman?

Everyone has his/her own opinion on beauty.

its all a matter of perspective and types of beauty.

some may see a person as the most

beautiful an astonishing person on earth

while others may just see them as an average person on the street.

beauty may come through experience from another

and shine through in a way that others may not see
Of course. It is a matter of perspective.

It obviously is a truth in your perspective or you would not call it a fact.

In my perspective, facts are often lubricious. Math helps, but some facts are hard to formulate.
Yes, grasshopper, these are lessons we learn throughout our life.
absolutely and so is ugly.
Absolutely. Perhaps I see a star at the same time I see a person and forever after that association remains, even though it was by chance.
yes and no, somethings can be subjective to each individual... for example u may like someone, someone else could say he's ugly. but some things are beautiful no matter who u ask, flowers, starts etc.
It doesn't only go for physical beauty (which most of western society agrees on). Some people see things in others that noone else does, or find a particular characteristic attractive that someone else doesn't.
yep - einstein theory of relativity.
Yeah, more or less.
I believe that everybody has a different opinion of beauty and also that yes beauty is in the eye of the beholder you could see things in a person special to you that another person does not even think about being important!
Some years ago, I saw a tape of the family life of Brazil's top model. She is take-your-breath-away beautiful. She looked at her husband, the father of their two beautiful kids, with so much love that the camera almost melted. He is less than 4 feet tall and truly ugly.

Look at paintings in a museum that also covers the Renaissance period. By modern standards, many of the women are fat, yet were paragons of beauty in their time.

Check my web page, to understand more about perspective. Opinions are a box. Dissolve the box.

Picasso's work in the cubist period is still regarded as ugly by many, and swooningly beautiful by others. Standards vary, and opinions are determined by beliefs. Beauty is an opinion.
Oh yes.
I want to say that it is true.. People have different perspectives on what beauty really is.
Truly is! Beauty isn't just a manifestation of the object in focus. It relates to one's visual imagery of it. Things don't appear equally the same to different lookers such that lookers' perceptions of beauty differ in depth and substance.

So, don't worry if one tells you you're not beautiful. Someone out there sees you as ';the most';.
Definitely! For example, I may find someone attractive that you do not, and vice versa....

But have you ever noticed - that all brides look beautiful? No matter who they are or what they are wearing!?!!

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