Saturday, December 26, 2009

Beauty is in eye of the beholder?

Do you believe this phrase to be true or false? Why or why not?Beauty is in eye of the beholder?
true.. some people think for example the jonas brothers are hot.. but i don't see that, at all.Beauty is in eye of the beholder?
Of course it is... it can be as simple as liking a movie someone else didn't like ore something on a much bigger scale.
Yes, what I think is beautiful is different from what you would think is beautiful.
true true true!

one person might think someone is really hot, another person might totally disagree.
I believe it. Mostly because you can think someone's beautiful and another person thinks they're hideous
no, its in the eye of the beer holder
Beauty is in eye of the beholder, but Ugly goes down to the bone
true because beauty is in the eye of the beholder
very true. i find some pieces of art to be horrible in my opinion but i guess the creator of it thought of it as beautiful
because my definition of beauty isnt ur definition of beauty

for a second i thought you were quoting ISMFOF's song ';Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder';
im more inclined to say aesthetic beauty involves golden ratios.

There are no guidelines on how to create something that is definitely beautiful.

Something that is beautiful to one person may not be so for another
Absolutely, yes. It's obvious.
true, because someone I find attractive may be totally ugly to another person. Beauty of humanity, uniqueness.

Like, I don't think Brad Pitt is hot at all, contrary to the rest of the famale (and gay male) population. xD

However, I do think Jack Black is sexy as HELL!

See? It's all true. :D
yes, i do
True..f you saw my husband you would probably think he is an average looking guy but I find him more attractive than Christan Bale!
but of course.
This is true simply because everyone has an opinion. If there is something one person thinks is beautiful you are guaranteed to find someone who thinks it is ugly as sin.
true. fo sho!
I dont understand how it could be false.

It means that a person (the beholder) thinks someone is beautiful (in their eyes) and another person might think that that someone isnt.

Its very True. :)
I think it is. cause this girl my brother is giong out with, i don't think she is as pretty as he thinks she is. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder (:

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