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In your own words, what does ';Beauty is in the eye of the beholder'; mean?

Beauty is not just about the way a person looks but the way a person acts. A physically beautiful person can have the ugliest soul, while an incredibly ugly person can be the nicest and most enduring person you have ever met. Beauty is then defined by the way a person is perceived by the world and by the acts they commit. When a person beholds another for who they are, they see the beauty on the inside and not the outside. Therefore, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” it the way we view another person not by their looks, but by how kind and compassionate they really are. In your own words, what does ';Beauty is in the eye of the beholder'; mean?
If you can behold an individual, and see them for who they are at their very essence, --a spark of the divine-- then you can see who they really are--You can see their true beauty.

Standardly, this generally means, that each person has their own unique beauty, which can be seen and appreciated, by a soul mate, who values them for what they are, beautiful in their own eyes. I think it also implies seeing through imperfections, and choosing instead to see the best in people. It is a gift, but a gift that can be cultivated through practice.In your own words, what does ';Beauty is in the eye of the beholder'; mean?
Each person will define their own definition of what beauty is. One individual may see the beauty in a single tulip of soft pink, yet another individual may not view that as beautiful as the group of deep red roses that ly a few feet away. Neither can give a valid and reasonable arugment as why their flower is more beautiful, so their beauty is defined by their perspective in what beautiful is.... thus ';In the eyes of the beholder';

We determine what we think is beautiful and it is based upon various aspects of our life which includes our personality, experience, knowledge, environment, culture, etc.
Everyone is an individual, and has their own personal perspective on the world. No one can judge not only what another individual thinks is beautiful, but what they think is moral and just as well. Everyone has their own opinion and they should be allowed that opinion regardless of the opinions of others. It also means that what might seem insignificant to you could mean a world of difference to me, so everyone should be cautious and curteous about what they say and how they say it.
';Beauty is in the eye of the beholder'; means that nothing in the case of perception is set in stone. it means that not everyone likes the same things. it is explaining that something that is beautiful to you may look horrible to another.

in other words, beauty is debatable through the eyes of people.

i hope that answered the question well enough.

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Beauty is objective. What I see as beautiful my friend might see as rather plain. What we perceive is all based on our past experience, our current mood, and our personal preference.

It's a misquote anyway. It was originally said that ';beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder';, in reference to the first batch of gruit-brewed ale brewed in England in the early centuries C.E. It was mistranslated by some happy-go-lucky twit, though ;)
It means this: beauty is not objective. Different people are attracted to different things for different reasons. This is because people are not the same. All men may be created equal, but no one is really equal.

Everyone likes something different. Here's a good example: many men are attracted to blondes, but there are just as many that are attracted to red heads, brunettes, etc. I know that this is just a small, shallow example, but it gets my point across: no one sees the world exactly as someone else does. No one thinks that exactly the same things are beautiful. Beauty is subjective because people hold different views. Here's another good example: it used to be beautiful to be plump because it meant that you were wealthy, but now it is considered beautiful to be thin.
Well in my ex sister in laws case..she is remarrying in August and I think her fiancee looks like a troll...literally..he's shorter than her, budgy in the stomach, and ugly in the face but he makes good money and is a christian person which is what she is looking for...maybe she just wanted an ugly looking dude so he could be faithful because my brother is good looking but snuck out every once in a while...they were high school sweethearts and she got pregnant and it was a shot gun wedding...so get my drift of beauty is in the eye of the beholder cause I couldn't have sex with the dude....
It means that everyone has their own version of what beauty is. I love to watch Taboo. It shows you how beauty subjective. When you see tribal people cut their skin and to them it's beautiful but to others its not. Some men think Paris Hilton is the best thing since slice bread other's think she is to skinny without enough curves. Its all in the eye of the beholder.
it means that what one man thinks is ugly another may see at beautiful. it means that not everything is what you see it to be ,everyones eyes see thigns people,animals,everythign differently.*beauty is not a word that can or should be defined , because who's to say whjat is beautiful and what is not?*
The Bible used the extremes to make good points, so I will use two extremes.

The prince has eyes for that special girl with the most beautiful dress and richest father; she is radiant and glorious and can satisfy his every need.

The starving man has eyes for the fattest turkey, the most tender loin; the meat is juicy and delicious and can satisfy his every need.

The point should be well taken.
whenever we see Animal Planet or Discovery Channel you will see that even the deadly snakes or reptiles or any kind of animal is captured in their hand they will come close to it %26amp; will say what a beautiful creature of nature %26amp; this %26amp; that etc etc. They will called it beautiful but ask the farmer who had beaten by an snake was that snake beautiful, surely he will say no, even if a group of lions is behind to eat Discovery team they won't call them beautiful they will call them horrible. So may be i have answered the ques.
The world is full of different and strange shapes, smells, tastes, textures, sounds. To one person it may sound, smell, feel ugle, but to someone else its the most beautiful thing in the world. Take a second look at something you think is ugle you may change your mind about the hole thing!

I don't just want came to me!
My first real love was when she and I were about 13, I think.

She was tall and slim, blonde and beautiful.

None of my friends thought she was even cute.

I saw her again when we were both about 30 and she took my breath away.

I was always right...she was beautiful.

I'll bet she still is.
It means that beauty is merely a perception, and not any absolute truth. I therefore give a low importance to beauty perceived in a person or a thing or a piece of work..... I look for the capability and utility rather than beauty.
it means that everyone has different views when it comes to actually defining';beauty';. some may say a super model is beaughtiful and flawless, but others say that a sun set or a mother giving birth is true beaughty
Personal perception is what defines beauty. It's up to the individual to decide what beauty means to them.
that what one person defines or sees as beautiful is their own deifinition of it and everyone sees things or people differently!
The thing that may disgust all others, appeals to you. The thing you find beautiful may not be beautiful to others.
The person that holds something deeply within his/her self... When you look at them it doesn't matter on appearence, but by what they're feeling... And there You Will See BEAUTY...
What one perceives something or someone as through their own unique perspective.
The judgment of subjective criteria is personal and individual.
In creation every thing is beautiful. It is the individual mind that discriminates.
Means when I see his face happiness comes over me for he is my best friend who is the most beautiful man to me.
Everybody's perception of beauty is different.
beautiful to one person is not necessarily beautiful to some one else
We can make beauty what we want of it, and no one has the right to question us or say we're wrong.
Everyone has a different view on other people
i never really understood what that meant.
There's no accounting for taste.
it means your a relativist.

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