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What does the saying ,beauty is in the eye of the beholder, mean?

“You don’t love a woman because she’s beautiful. She is beautiful because you love her.” – AnonymousWhat does the saying ,beauty is in the eye of the beholder, mean?
It means that everyone has different opinions and feelings. No two people are going to agree on the same feelings about something. Therefore, you might see something and say it is the most beautiful thing you've ever seen, and I could look at the same thing and say that's ugly. In other words, the objects beauty doesn't necessarily come from itself, rather it depends on how the person perceives it to be.What does the saying ,beauty is in the eye of the beholder, mean?
It means that you may find some thing beautiful or attractive, that I don't find beautiful or attractive.

Every one has different tastes, so while you might prefer a blonde w/a small frame, your next door neighbor may prefer a tall brunette.

The person seeing the beauty, has concluded that it is beautiful.
oh this is easy and i often use this quote myself. simply put, what might be ugly to one person is a work of art to another. i find symmetry and natural design when looking at an insect. i mentioned this to a person i work with and she looked at me like i was nuts. she failed to see the beauty in what nature formed and perfected through the ages. all she saw was an insect, ugly and nothing beyond ugly. i saw something else. i saw beauty, lines of distinction, flawless design. there is another quote that is similar to the above: one man's meat is another's poison. by the way, this is why there's white and black, vanilla and chocolate, tea and coffee. not every one will see, like and taste the same as another nor will they appreciate these choices. it's to be expected and it's also human!
Basically it means that whilst I might find one person attractive, another person might find them quite repulsive...therefore the beauty of the person being looked at is in my eyes but the beauty is not in the eyes of someone else. That counts for cars, flowers, trees, towns and countries...everything really.
It means that beauty depends on who's appreciating it. Everyone has their own views about beauty so not everyone would agree about something being beautiful.

Beauty, I guess, is opinionative.

Hope that helped. :D
To you I may be beautiful. To another I may be plain. To another i may be homely. To another I may be arrogant. To another I may be sweet...................................…
It means everyone perceives in different ways. Where your friends sees a person ugly, you may see them good looking.

Call it ';your mind's eye';.
It means that things are beautiful if the person viewing them thinks they are.

similar to

';One man's trash, is another man's treasure';
It means that what may be beautiful to one person,may be ugly to another
it means everyone is different

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