Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Is the beauty really in the eye of beholder?

No its in the eye of the beer-holder. NEXT!

(chi-ching- two points....)Is the beauty really in the eye of beholder?
Yes .Haven't you seen areally good looking person with one not so goodlooking but the attractive person thinks that the less attractive one is goodlooking.Is the beauty really in the eye of beholder?
The people that lives in the area that you were raised are most likely to be the most attractive to you because you are more familiar with them which gives you comfort. When someone makes us feel comfortable they tend to be attractive to us.
Yes, till such time you do not own it. The moment you own it, you hanker for more greener pastures. Like , they say , men always find others' wives more beautiful( till the time they are unattainable) and universal fact- that they always think it is bigger in others' pair of trousers .( OMG)
yes it depends on the the beholder whats beautiful to you isnt always beautiful to some one else
absolutly! Not everyone has the same tastes and sometimes its what we see with our heart that counts.
yes if you notice you let a tall man take your picture you'll seem to look short if you let a thin man take your picture you'll look chubby if you let a fat guy take your picture you'll look smaller.I got an idea let an ugly guy take your picture.
It is if you consider the beautifulness of soul
Though some beauty can be determined in the eye of the beholder, what we today think of as beautiful is just what the general public has said. In many ancient countries, a fat woman meant a healthy and therefore rich woman and was thought to be beautiful. Another example is Hollywood today convincing everyone that thin and blonde is better, I can鈥檛 see other people having felt that way without other influences. In countries that are more separated form the rest of the world, such as some countries in Africa, the bigger a lip plate a women can fit in her mouth the more beautiful and suitable she is for marriage, I cant imagine people in America finding that more attractive than American standards, finally, in China, lighter skin is considered more beautiful and they even powder their faces, while here Americans spend millions of dollars on tanning salons, see where this is going?

To sum it up: Although we do have a choice on what we as an individual find beautiful, are opinions are biased based on our culture
I thought so once.But even if it is so, why 9 out of ten people are often at one on whether something is beautiful remains a mystery.

Also, a poem might have moved you the first time you read it. As you read it over again, you lose interest . After a few times, it doesn't seem beautiful at all - where does the beauty vanish from the eye of the beholder ?

So, absolute beauty might exist.


yes, bcoz a person's likes n dislikes depends upon their experiences, everything which is subjective concludes in a different manner, it depends on person to person on theri subjective experiences likes/dislikes and point of view

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