Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Is it true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder?

what does that even mean anyway?

i really try to see the beauty in everyone and i usually do, physically and emotionally. but i don't think that's true for most of everyone else. i've had people tell me that i'm ugly, just plain hurtful crap. i mean i know i'm not stunning but i feel like i'm better than some of the stuff i've heard. i guess i'm asking what is beauty to you? how important is it really?

i've just been feeling really unsure of myself lately and thought i'd provoke a conversation about it...what's on your mindIs it true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder?
Hi Toots-

Sorry that you have so many jerks in your life. You are beautiful in your own way. I know this is difficult at times, but remember that your self worth MUST come from WITHIN, not from the outside and most certainly not from the opinion of others. Beauty is very culturally determined. In many parts of the world obesity is a sign of true beauty. In this country it is worse then being a murderer.

Be your own person. Live your life in a way that makes you proud of yourself and to hell with what anyone else thinks. Only you have the power to make yourself happy.Is it true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder?
Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder in my opinion.

Beauty is all a matter of opinion.

For example your friend might think a guy is hot and you might think he is hideous.

Same thing holds true for clothing and fashion. Thats why there are so many different styles of clothes, everyone likes something different. Just imagine how freakin boring the world would be if everyone dressed the same?! Now apply that to people. See what I mean?

Another example would be Mother Teresa. She was one of the most beautiful people to grace this planet with her presence, but could she have been a super model? No. But, was she a beautiful person worthy of more recognition than any super model that ever existed? YES.
Beauty is simply what society chooses to label you as.

Usually the majority of people will agree if someone is either ';ugly'; or ';pretty';.

If you're insecure of yourself, just know that there are always people 'uglier' than you. It's shallow, but at least its a way to be hopeful. D:

Imo, I think beauty plays a big enough part for a person to care about it.
Whomever told you you were ugly and is hurtful to you is the one with the problem. Those people are UGLY. Ugly is as ugly does just like pretty is as pretty does. Be nice; you are not responsible for other people's actions. The most beautifl girl at my school by everyone's standards threw herself a tantrum over the Coca Cola machine taking her money and she is now UGLY to me even after many years when I see her I think about her kicking that machine and cursing in the high school all those years ago.
beauty is on the inside. what do you think? do you yourself think your ugly? if you like the way you look try not to worry about what others think. smile a lot and be happy! it is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. some in general are prettier then other but who knows some person could like the way you look. you never know..... = ) im not implying your ugly i have never seen you before i bet your average, which is not ugly.
The saying is true, just yesterday I saw a girl who I found to be ugly and my friend sitting next to me said she was hot. So yeah. A good way to improve the way people perceive you is having confidence and looking cheerful/smiling you won't look as pretty frowning all the time and stuff, also makeup would be good
Dont let someone else tell you if you are pretty or not. Who are they to judge you? Beauty is more than you can see. Also pretty people with a very bad attitude or personality arent very beautiful. So hold your head up and smile. Also some people will tell other they are ugly to try to make themselves feel or look better. Just ignore them!!! Dont get down about other jerks!

beauty is in the eye of the beholder. i dunno really but I like it lol
Yes i think it is true! It means that not everyone is going to have the same opinions on what/who is beautiful. Beauty to me is what is on the inside.
You know what they say..........

Looks catch the eye. But personality captures the heart.

i dont even know
beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.. what i may find ';beautifull'; you may not... its all about PERSONAL PREFERENCE... thats the key word to remember... we are all raised to think our own thoughts... but somehow ';society'; standards of beauty brainwashes our minds... SOME people however go by their own morals and values on what beauty is... that is why there is ALWAYS going to be someone who finds you beautifull regardless... what you need to do is to surround yourself with positive people... it seems to me your surrounded by negative people who only want to see you at your worst... people will talk crap about you till the day you die and its up to you if you want to let what they say effect you.... you have to be strong in this life and if your really letting what ';other'; people say about you effect you to the point where your thinking your ugly then thats where you need help on... you need to grow some thick skin and learn to ignore them.. and to learn to be happy for the things you DO HAVE!... dont you think it would be really selfish of you to for 1 second be complaining about how ugly you THINK you are.... i mean their are people starving, dieing, sick, deformed, living on the streets... and the list can go on and on.... you have SOOO much to be thankfull for and i think its time to get out their and to volunteer so you get a taste of reality... cause there are WAAAY bigger problems going on in this world then that....

god bless you %26lt;3333

well to me a person that is good looking is more inviting and seems more interesting and like some i would like to get to know and i know how conceded that sounds but i dont want to lie, this is a bad analogy but if u see a really cute pair of shoes and then some old converse u r going to go over to the pretty shoes and want them. its sad but its the truth, however a pretty person can become ugly as u get to know them, it is really sad, just like the shoes thing, the pretty shoes might hurt and u might take them and throw on the converse. haha thats so stupid sounding but i can relate to that. to really answer ur ? i think beauty is someone who loves themselves enough to take care of themselves and someone who is down to earth and themselves and knows what true beauty is. haha wow that sounded like a corny movie. but be unsure of yourself, i feel that way alot and i gets me no where
What the phrase means is basically that what's beauty to you might not be beauty to someone else. Let's say you go to an art gallery with a friend, and you look at this piece and you find it the most beautiful piece of art you ever seen, you want it and you want to take it home and hang it on the wall, so everytime you pass by you can see it and feel inspire. However, your friend looks at you like you are some type of weirdo, and wonders what's so magnific about that piece.

With physical beauty it is something very similar, we are all pieces of art that some might find beautiful while others might not. What is important is that you stay true to yourself and keep yourself beautiful in your eyes, because many people might pass through that paining (being you) and might boo it, while other might find themselves deeply in love with it.

We are all different, therefore we all have different tastes (Thank God!) so beauty it is in the eye of the beholder, beholder meaning ';the person who stares at that paining';, the one that judges and defines you as either beautiful or not.

Hope i could answer your question :)
We live in a very shallow world with shallow minded people. Look at tv and the models and tv movie stars everything is about beauty. But it is only on the outside. There are a lot of beautiful people who are just plain miserable and just as depressed as a person who wasn't as blessed. We are all not ment to be as beautiful on the outside but it doesn't mean they should be loved any less. Im pretty for a 40 year old I wouldn't say georgous but I would rather have a great personality then be pretty and be an ugly person on the inside. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Don't let mean people get to you. If they are telling you that hurtful crap that is a good example of a mean and hateful person right there. Maybe it is there insecurity. Be proud of who you are if you are a good person that is all that matters.

Im not the best at grammer and time and time again people get on me about my grammer but ya know sometimes things hurt but ya gotta learn to let them go.

Interesting question.

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