Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Is beauty in the eye and what is the defined of true beauty?

To some people beauty is only skin deep. To others, that's all that matters. On Dr. Phill (yeah, I know, crap show, but still...) the other day, he had people on there who wanted nothing to do with people who weren't good looking. They would treat people that they didn't find worthy enough with the uttermost disrespect and crudeness. It was appalling.

I always think of it this way, God may not have made everyone beautiful, but he made them unique. If everyone were to look the same or perfect, than what would be special about that? Would they be as appealing as someone who looked different?

The definition of true beauty can mean many different things to different people. To me, beauty is a combonation of things. Yes, there is the skin deep kind. The kind that grabs your attention right away, but sometimes that doesn't necessarily mean that their beauty makes them a beautiful and kind person. Sometimes you have to give people a chance to show how wonderful they are.

Not everybody has the same thoughts on what beauty is. Maybe there are some people that dont' think that you are beautiful, maybe some do. Like I said before. Beauty is a tough question, but no matter how beautiful or ugly a person is, remember that they are a person. Everyone has feelings, and to me, those who are able to show humility and compassion show more beauty than can ever been seen on their face.Is beauty in the eye and what is the defined of true beauty?
Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder.

Beauty is defined differently by each person. I would say that most people find a great personality beautiful, also if a person has a good heart/soul. Someone caring, funny, forgiving and loving. When you meet people like that- you just feel good all over. Sometimes it does not matter about their appearance! Nice hair, bright eyes and a nice smile also helps a person look very attractive...and I would say that would be considered as ';true beauty'; (:Is beauty in the eye and what is the defined of true beauty?
beuty is in the beholders eye and there CANNOT be any definition of beauty.
True beauty how you present yourself and confidence!
Personality, heart and soul!!

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