Saturday, December 26, 2009

Eye beauty question! Anyone?

Hi! What helps with redness AROUND the eye on the skin part? I swear, some days it looks like I';m all dugged out, and I'm really not! Could someone suggest a cleanser for this particular problem? and it's AROUND the eye, not in the eye. . THANKS! :o)Eye beauty question! Anyone?
it might be a reaction to your make up. just wear no make up or switch to a new make up for a few days.Eye beauty question! Anyone?
If the redness around the eyes is due to allergies a anti-histamine will help. If your a female using concealer will help as well as a cold compress over both eyes. If your a man try just using a cold compress and the anti-histamine. They make non-drowsy formula's just make sure you read the box. If it keeps persisting you I would recommend seeing your doctor.
i don't wear any make up,and women can do as they please.
this sounds like your using an eyemake up your alergit ot or is old, I would leave it off for a few days, toss that stuff your using out, buy new. a nonalergenic brand., Really leave eyes free of make up for a few days, heal when possible, if you need to wear any thing , because of work , do so , but new, and as soon as possilew clean off with eye make remover or some thing that has no alcol in it.. Best of luck , your'll hear quick, hugss we all lear as we grow,
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