Saturday, December 26, 2009

What defines beauty in a mans eye ?

just wondering but what do you find pretty?

make up, long hair? what ever lolWhat defines beauty in a mans eye ?
i think its the smile :) and the personality and looks.

answer mine? pics included!;鈥?/a>What defines beauty in a mans eye ?
For me, the most attractive girl is one who doesn't

make any extra efforts to look more attractive than

she is. Even a girl with a bad case of acne can be


But, if they wear lipstick and/or a lot of makeup, I'd

have to wonder if it's really worthwhile to just say ';Hi';

to her. (Because it would imply to me that she has a

lack of self esteem.)

I hope that answers your question.
Well, your talking physical features, so in my opinion, I guess Long hair, blue ( or some sort of light colored eyes), a little curvy, Tall, but really beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, All men, don't look for the same thing.

Not a fan of makeup, but light eye liner helps ^^

Please dont assume I'm shallow, this is just the physical features that I wouldn't mine, cuz I thought this is what you were asking, But I'll get thumbs down for this anyway heh

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