Saturday, December 26, 2009

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder why are beautufui people more popular?

beautiful pople have in easier in life! I have spoken to many peoople who feel thay could have had better lives if they were beautiful, it pushes people to anorexia, women puting unbelievable amounts of silicone in their chests, extreme body makeovers etcIf beauty is in the eye of the beholder why are beautufui people more popular?
Ugly is ugly and all the cosmetic surgery in the world does not change that. Also ugly is deeper than the physical attributes it is a matter of the spirit and the mind.,

Women who alter their bodies, do not become beautiful simply due, to a boob job. You may notice the person more since the chest is more prominent , but if they were good people in the beginning they remain the same and vice versa.

At the same time big boobs do not alter issues of the mind, or spirit. In most cases that is where the alteration should commenceIf beauty is in the eye of the beholder why are beautufui people more popular?
well speaking from the perspective of a very beautiful person, and because I am an expert in anything beautiful, yes life is easier when you are attractive. I do encourage people to love and accept themselves and not to starve themselves.. I have plenty of plus-sized friends who are oh so beautiful because of their personalities. But yes life is easier when you're perfect ;P hope this helps
hasn't it always been that way??? a lot of the pretty people are pretty shallow too (not all though) and i guess people are wayyyy too concerned about getting bfs and stuff and a lot of guys just look at a girl and decide whether or not he'd wanna date her... its kind of annoying though isn't it??? were i live even if you look great you have too act like an idiot too. people want everyone to like them and the first thing they do is judge someone by how they look... one of my best friends is gorgeous and i hate how a lot of guys just fall straight in love with her without thinking about any of us or our personalities

with hot guys just change all the bfs to gfs and stuff... ya.
I know what you mean..... life is like that..... my life is like that everyone in school that is beautiful.... or popular... its easy for them. they think nothing of you.....
Heart is the most important than the physical outfit....
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