Saturday, December 26, 2009

Is there any beauty to be found outside the eye of the beholder?

Ya know I love your questions Skycat, but this is Christmas....and I have had a beer since I got home from work, 15 min. mind is on are crazy!!!Is there any beauty to be found outside the eye of the beholder?
For f**k's sake, I've had two glasses of wine and a glass of brandy. It's not the best time of year to be asking such mentally challenging questions is it!Is there any beauty to be found outside the eye of the beholder?
There is beauty in symmetry, it draws us from the random chaos of the world and focuses our attention to it. Animal brains have evolved around this basic concept, which caused plants to respond creating a beautiful and intricate world. It's safe to assume that insects can see the symmetrical beauty of a flower, as this is the only believable reason why flowers are beautiful.

The fact that we find beauty in symmetry says more about the layout of our brains than the inherent beauty of configurations of shapes.

Beauty, by definition requires a beholder, kind of like the proverbial falling tree that doesn't make a sound, as no ears are listening it only makes a vibration of air.
Yes of course, by some other beholder.
yes, in the eyes of other beholders
No.... It is impossible to find beauty outside the eye of the beholder because, while there are some things the majority find attractive; beauty is still very much dependent upon individual opinion. Even the most beautiful of things will have a sceptic and, in turn, for every perceivable ugliness, there is someone who sees beauty.
No, beauty is an internal reaction, not an empirical fact.
Yep. Inside the eye of the beholder.

How do i know this?

Coz I'm in mid forties and have (luckily) a 20 something coming on to me. dilemma is ........why?
Everything IS beautiful!

Not to everybody all at once. But everything is beautiful to somebody.

So, yeah, beauty can be found outside of those individual beholders who find certain things to be not beautiful.

But not outside the eyes of beholders who disagree with them.

Think about it.

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