Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Do you think that beauty really is within the eye of the beholder?

Yes! It's all about personality in the end... If a guy is a gorgeous model, but is an @sshole - he becomes less attractive. If a guy is of average looks, but is the nicest person - he becomes more attractive.Do you think that beauty really is within the eye of the beholder?
Yes. You are one individual, though not everyone likes you . Some like you a lot some not at all, so as you can't be two or more persons at a time.... there you go... beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Of course that you behave differently with different persons, and since you is you , it must be them the ones influencing your behavior, (better said - their actions determine your response according to your personality, but not everyone acts the same and that's what makes you give different responses to different people) so that you appear beautiful to the some of them and less likable to others, so again your beauty can't be ';seen'; by everyone, only by those who are able to point it out.Do you think that beauty really is within the eye of the beholder?
Beauty, my friend, lies in the processing of the brain of the beholder. Sight is only one of the input meters that process the information, brain has to compare what is sighted against the filed parameters stocked up into the processors of the brain of the beholder.

Brain processes a series of comparative analyses and draws a conclusion.

Is this apparition ';beautiful'; according to set parameters?


1. Yuck, she fails all parameters

2. On a scale of 0-10, she is a 2 plus

3. All bells ringing -- Beauteous sight alert !

4. Dont even waste my freaking time to look.
it is not alone beauty.

we come in contact with everything around us trough our senses

everything that is absorbed by our senses is interpreted by our brain.

and thus everything we ';sense'; is ';within the sense of the beholder';
Yes. For example, I think that an large, old, gnarled tree in the middle of a swamp is beautiful. My friend thinks otherwise, and prefers her shiny cell phone.
True beauty lies within one self....the beholder only sees the part of you that you express...if you are beautiful inside, the world around you reflects your beauty.
defiantly everybody has different interests

Yes, but the eyes have peripheral vision and can be influenced by those other things they see.
think that beauty really is within the eye of the beholder
...simply stated: to each his/her own...YES!!!

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