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If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, why do we have fashion guru's and art critics?

Cool question. I'm sure it's because we all like to be critical and slag others off. It's in human nature I'm afraid...If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, why do we have fashion guru's and art critics?
We only have these people in the rich parts of the world so it's a money thing! No one goes to comment on the art or dress of poorer countries yet probably what is on offer there is more real and attractive. I think too these people think they are more 'educated' and/or a cut above ordinary mortals!If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, why do we have fashion guru's and art critics?
I think because people who are not as attractive as others have a need to compensate for their lack of, or perhaps this is their way of gaining power of the high school ';Mr %26amp; Miss compertition'; where they were riduculed for not being pretty/handsome enough to enter.....

who knows really!!
People all have their special interests and so they study or focus on those things and have more background knowledge to share.

Also, it seems that people are like sheep: we like to follow a leader, so we look to ';the experts'; to tell us what we're SUPPOSED to think is beautiful or fashionable at any given time.......
that is because many people are not capable of living out of a circle and be adventurous with their way of dressing and behaving. Thus they need somone to tell them what looks nice, and what looks cool, and what is the best way to behave so as to become more and more the same in a closed circle of people... people who are different are out of the circle and therefor not IN... i personally feel that those who are not in are not DEPENDENT on anyone and that the IN crowd might actually fear their diversity.
beauy in the eye of the beholder donot have nothing to do with society's fashion guru's, as such. This is a medium which is preferably created via human to supplement our insecurities, have you ever seen some of those fashion guru's? most of their physical features donot represents likes such as Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell etc. they are normal 'average joe'.It's

has if we as humans are looking for the next perfect physical been (its as if we all are trying to create our personal fantasy been), created via society's 'faith of choice' which is force on us as a whole on what is perfect and what physical been is aspectable in society's eyes as a whole. Guru's %26amp; critics professional's basically gives them back in some aspect that control or power --- its a mean of 'mind over beauty' could even insinuate at some level that you yourself is a critic in some aspect foe e.g. flicking through different T.V. channels but why do you chose to flick from on to another, you have the preference.....
they tell us what they think - me I personally think Viviene Westwoods work was a cry for help...
Because some people want to be that, and once you have someone to proclaim themselves as one, others naturally go to them for advice. So, too, is it the case that people will want someone to go to, so others will fill the void. It's a circle.

Also, people are critical and expressive; some are.
It's called the freedom of choice..........Still beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the heart is what tells you just how beautiful one is......
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That's a good Question! I guess there are just too many people out there that want to tell us how to live to THEIR standards!
because in any human endeavor, we seek the highest standards

why do we have sports competitions? spelling bees? grade point averages? miss america contests? car races? etc etc

we want a 'winner' to measure the rest by
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,has nothing to do with fashion or art. This is simply a thing of the heart. Ever like someone alot who isn't very attractive? Yet you don't really see that, and kind of wonder why others think you're crazy for liking this person? Like/Love is blind, so beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
Because some people are easily led ,and give someone a title and they fourn over them
Guru - binocular

critics - Microscope
There are one or two good answers here but, in most cases, we have art critics and experts because we have an Art Establishment - galleries, fashion houses, magazines (and artists) - who rely on 'experts' to explain why things are 'good'. Art collectors want to know who to invest their money in. Clothing manufacturers want to know what fashion in the next season's big thing.

Generally art/fashion critics have considerable knowledge of their subject and people value what they say. Though like in everything else you have critics with different agendas, progressive, conservative etc.

And, before I finally shut up, I should add that we normally see beauty in things because we are told they are beautiful - beautiful women in the 1950's were rounded and voluptuos while today celebrities and fashion models are often stick thin. The Impressionist painters are very popular today but 130 years ago they could not even get an exhibition!
beauty is not the only thing involved in fashion and art...also theres perfection, rhythm, hormony, etc things. obviously, those need specialists too/

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