Saturday, December 26, 2009

Help on eye makeup anf eye beauty??

plz tell me the following things......:

1.if i want to apply mascara..and lash curler..what will be its sequences...1st mascara or 1st lash curler??

how to use thelash curler???

2.i bought a under eye craem....';.blossom kochhars under eye gel'; it ok..or there is anything better than it?Help on eye makeup anf eye beauty??
Move close to the mirror so u can clearly c wot ur doing if its ur first time. Bring the curler to ur eye close to the skin as possible %26amp; then squeeze the curler for about 5 secs. Make sure u release the curler before u pull! Do the same to the other eye. Then apply mascara- ur lashes want to b clean when u do it.

I havent used them but ur cud try ones from Avon- they will properly have sum in there 4 a cud price.Help on eye makeup anf eye beauty??
first mascara, then the lash curler, just hold it really close to u eye n close!!

what do u want it to do ?? i think u should go for sumthing from loreal or nivea! much better!!
1. to use a eyelash curler just take the device over your eye lash as close to the lid as possible then close hard.

2 be careful not to get you eyelid court it hurts!

3. eye lash curler then mascara , Rommal London is the best!

4 that's a great eye gel just give it some time

good luck
DEFINITELY curl first. It works much better.

How to curl your eyelashes:鈥?/a>

Then put your favorite mascara on top.

That eyecream is fine.
curl eyelashes first, then apply mascara. If they still aren't curly enough for you, than curl them again once the mascara has dried.

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