Saturday, December 26, 2009

If beauty is really the eye of the beholder, than what if the beholder standards are really low?

what do you do than?If beauty is really the eye of the beholder, than what if the beholder standards are really low?
I assume that person is probably happier than most because he/she is easier to please. People with really high standards have a tough time finding beauty; people with lower standards can find beauty in pretty much everything.If beauty is really the eye of the beholder, than what if the beholder standards are really low?
Than you are good to go.
What does that say about Jennifer Aniston. ( I think Brad Pitt was temporarily blind)
what if you were smart and asked real questions that had an actual point
And the standards are relative too.. so what do you say? A person with high standards can choose something a person who thinks he has high standards ugly.. and goes on and on and on...too relative.. just stick with it.. no one can say he / she has high depends on his/her style.
well than a lot of things are beautiful to him
i never really got that whole saying...but good question lol...
it shouldnt matter, if it matters then he shouldnt be the beholder should he? y would anyone wanna b with someone who they think has low standards, doesnt that imply low self worth? therefore low self worth means he/she is not able to love themselves leading to the inability to love anyone else. so yea the answer to the question is, it doesnt matter.
DIG him a hole to jump in.
thats a stupid saying

some people are ugly and some are beautiful live with it and realize that only ugly people say things like that
then Hurray ! to the ugly people. theres still a chance
Well, then I would say the ugly people are in luck.
I say that I'm lucky.
Then you might have a chance!
It has nothing to do with high or low standards, but of individual taste and unique perception. If everyone found the one they love based on standards, the world would be pretty barren about now, and the odds are that you would never have existed, as no one comes from the ';creme de la creme'; of the human race from the first set all the way here. Be thankful about that, and don't put others down just because their unique perception is different than yours. (the world is a kaleidoscope, and I for one am grateful for that - it would be dull if we all looked and acted the same, kind of like droids)
its in the eye of the beerholder
if da beholder standards are really low than alot will be beautiful to the person..but if the person standards are high than he/she wont find many thing beautiful...again thats da point of the meaning
You hope the Beholder never goes to an AA meeting and you keep them in booze.
that's is what the meaning is ALL about
Someone had to impregnate your mother..
They would be the one living with their decision.
take whats best for ur standards
You don't do anything.

Beauty is still in the eye of the beholder.

That's exactly what it means.

To you, no matter what anybody else see's, is the only thing that counts,.. to you.

To somebody else it's what they see that counts. Not what you see.

The only time it would be different would be if it was you picking out ties for Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder.Than it would be only you that would be the eye of the beholder.

That's why they make paint in so many shades and colors and ice cream comes in all those different flavors.
That's why there are different kinds of rear view mirrors. Because everyone has a different way of seeing things.

The beholders standards may be really low to you, but only you. Obviously, they aren't low to the beholder, right?
if the beholder likes wart hogs, well then that's ok, everyone needs love
Take him to my sister's............She's really ugly.............LOL ..........jk
How witty..
who is making that judgment??
Then some eyes will be holdin' some ugly *** people
Well then the beholder's standards just ain't what yours or mine are. Why does it matter to you if someone else just likes ugly?
accept it and move forward

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