Sunday, December 13, 2009

What does the phrase ';beauty is in the eye of the beholder'; mean to you?

I think that it is very apt in this day and age what with obesity and anorexia i think people should look inside a person before the judge what do you think? Ever watched the film shallow hal?What does the phrase ';beauty is in the eye of the beholder'; mean to you?
My great-grandma (God rest her soul) used to say ';pretty is as pretty does.';

Shallow Hal was a very good movie to point this out. Although the girl in the movie was really overweight, Hal saw her for the beautiful person she was. Everybody should do that, few people do.

I used to work in a club with this guy who had piercings, tattoos, the whole punk look. I was shocked to find out that he had a college degree, had been in the military, could dance (not just to hip-hop, he knew ballroom, too), and was very articulate. Needless to say, my perception of him totally changed after talking to him.What does the phrase ';beauty is in the eye of the beholder'; mean to you?
beauty is totally in the eye of the beholder.

but i mean.

its basically meaning its all opinion.

who i think is handsome may be ugly to another.

and to some ppl. skinny minny is beautiful.

it just means everyone doesnt need to share the same opinion on who is attractive and who is not.
I agree... never judge a book by its cover...
To me, it means that a person has there own judgment of beauty, not always associated with obesity or anorexia. Say there's a man and he is attracted to women who are on the obese side. He thinks they are beautiful. Why as the other guy prefers skinny women. That is the definition of beauty. Nobody can see the same thing.
We each have our own definition of beauty. What is beautiful to me may not be beautiful to you. I define inner beauty as something different and not really connected to this expression, which usually refers to outer beauty. When we understand the inner beauty of a person, often the outer appearance also seems beautiful.
It means that each person finds something different attractive. Some people like their lovers to be rounded/soft rather than bony. Some like blondes, some redheads. You can't know the reason why someone loves someone else.

But yes, people should be looked at holstically, not just the package.
Perspective is our own. No one can tell us what to believe. And that's true.
I love that movie! It's like this: some men prefer blonde, some prefer red heads. Some women like jocks, some like geaks. Beauty is diffrent to everyone.
To me it means that YOU have to tell if you are Beautiful or not~

Some people can judge people just by looking at them.

But to me, i can Hardly do that. I have to get to know the person. If their attitude is ugly, then they are. If they have a great attitude then the person is really pretty. If they have a cute attitude, then they're cute. and etc.

I think of myself as ugly, but people say I'm cute. I'm never going to believe them unless i see myself as what they say i am.

Get it?
People perceive beauty in different ways.

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