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What do you think of the phrase: ';Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?';?

I personally think it's true? What's your opinion?What do you think of the phrase: ';Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?';?
I agree also. You can marry for love or for money.

It depends what is ';beauty'; in your eyes.

Is beauty an old millionare with money but not a heart?

Is beauty your true love, brave and handsome? =)What do you think of the phrase: ';Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?';?
100% true (my opinion anyways). I'm a very beautiful girl/lady (i'm 25 so I guess I'm more of a lady idk) with lots of class and my fiancee refers to me as prissy. He, on the other hand, has tattoo's covering 70% of his body, has a shaved head (he's going bald so he shaves it), is about 5'7, has aged skin from smoking and the sun in Iraq (ex-military) and doesn't have a very good sense of style. We get the weirdest looks when we are out in public because people can't believe that we would be together lol. I no that my parents are dying to ask me what it is that attracts me to him but the truth is, IT'S EVERYTHING! I think he is the most gorgeous guy I have ever seen. We have known each other for over 12 years so I knew him pre-tattoo's and when he had hair but I think he looks better now! Beauty is defiantly in the eye of this beholder! Great question!
I don't think it's true, I KNOW it is.

Like I think fake breasts are very ugly but some women do that to themselves because they want to be more beautiful and men will like that.

If you love somebody, you will find them beautiful even when they get old.

Also the opposite is true. I now think that my husband is extremelly ugly to the point of making me nauseous but his very young and expensive mistress tells him he's sexy!
I think it is a fallacy, whilst there are individual variations given we all cannot have healthy offspring with others.. physical attractiveness is an important form of social status.

People do tend to pair up to people of similar attractiveness or sometimes attractiveness is traded for resources. A middle aged man with a fortune par example is usually open to far more choices of mate than a comparable man without such resources.

A more apt and accurate saying is beauty is in the eye of the beer holder given beer can increase a persons perceived attractiveness but generally speaking, whether right or wrong we are all judged to a large extent on how we look...just a legacy from our evolutionary past.
my thought is yes and no, at first looks are what gets attention, but if you are a beautiful person on the outside and a b--ch on the inside it doesn't matter what is on the outside. you may not be attracted to someone at first because of their looks but after you spend time with them they may be the sweetest thing you ever met. don't shut the door just cause they ain't brad pitt or angelina jolie
Dear Miss,

There is great truth in this statement. We all are psychologically wired differently. It is understandable then that we are unique in what makes us tick. I will adddress the ';love'; issue later. Using myself as an example, please consider these two scenarios. 1-Young lady walks into coffee shop with a very well proportioned body and symmetrical face. She looks good and knows it with her skimpy clothes and those aweful Paris Hilton sunglasses. I would give her a 2 second glance and not look back. 2-Larger lady walks in. She is wearing clothes that flatter her build, looks very clean, confident, and professional. I may offer to sit down with her. It is just so easy to read people and understand where they place thier value as a person. The message we project to others determines what reaction we get. Now, understand that there will be many who disagree on which woman in the above example they would take. So, proof that it is in the eye of the beholder.

Love is blind. When you have another person in your heart, they are the most wonderful person we know. The kind of relationship where sex is 90% psycological and 10% physical. You truly do not see thier imperfections-mostly because you are aware of your own. I am certain that many times I have boasted about how great my counterpart was while others wondered why. People just fit together or they do not.
so true, but sometimes there are things or persons who everyone finds ugly or everyone finds beautiful, I've even known people who say, ';I know my bf/gf is not pretty but I still love him/her to death'; so when it comes to love is more than just beauty. But overall, I think the phrase is very tru.
i think the phrase is true. but there is another thing such as aesthetic beauty. like think of celebrities. do u really know their personalities but copious people find them attractive. there is a difference between physical/aesthetic and overall beauty. u might think ur bf/gf is the hottest person alive but a lot of people might not agree with that. then there are those people that everyone thinks is physically amazing.
yes.. to me its true...

a lot of pretty girls are just seems like exist coz their pretty and popular in school but the thing about it.. most of them are not nice... mean selfish..

but even ur not pretty and popular in school but ur nice and kind loyal and all the good atittude.. then your a true BEAUTY..

its WHO u are.. Attitude matters to me.. id rather hang out to not popular in school and not the pretiest than the popular one that are not nice and nasty and mean.. wht do u think?

Plus I like to think while there's always going to be somebody out there that thinks you're ugly, there's always going to be another person out there that thinks you're gorgeous.

Could you please answer my question??

It is so true. For example, a really handsome man might have a very dull looking woman. He might find her personality to be fun and exciting. Different people, want different things.
i think it is true.

but the majority of people seem to see beauty as the same thing. i guess because magazines and models try to show what the perfect man and woman should look like.
It IS true

It's saying what is seen as beautiful or who is seen as beautiful depends on whether the individual thinks it is or they are beautiful.

how is that not true?
Of course it is true. Just look at the photos of the couples in the bridal section of your newspaper, and you will easily see it!
Yes, its true. We are all individuals with different likes and dislikes. We all have different ideas of what another person should look like.

Yes, its true
Absolutely true, I look completely different to when my OH and I first met (4 kids later 2 sizes bigger) and he still finds me as attractive then as he does now.
I agree :)

My girlfriend could be beautiful to me and no one else purely based on the fact that I love her and know her extremely well.
I think it is very true. My friend is crazy about this guy and I tried to see what she liked about him, they're happy so that's all that matters.
I love it :D something is beautiful from the way you look at it ^^ totally agree

answer mine?

of course...beauty is subjective,depending on the preferences of the viewer
true. there's more to beauty than appearance
yup...100%... cuz somebody could think the other is ugly or whatever, but all the while you think the opposite...
Very, very true.

Idc what a guy looks like.

All he's gotta do is make me laugh and smell good. Hehe.
I think it is kind of true. I mean there are some butt ugly people out there.
Sounds like something an ugly person would say
Totally agree, it is and thats how it should be.
It's true.
i think its true
i think its very true
yeah i think it's true
I think that it is true..

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