Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Beauty is just a reflection in the eye of the beholder - right ?

I have seen beauty in places that few have the opportunity to see - the beauty i can see is just that - cus i want to see the lighter purpose - the divine reason - not the shadow side of someones personality - is it about the capacity to get an angel to show up on your doorstep in yahoo answers and say do you want to know why this person is in your life - the angel say's -ok - 'here' i will show you - sure !Beauty is just a reflection in the eye of the beholder - right ?
That is certainly a collection of beautiful thoughts and they have made me stop and think. What is beauty? Is it a pretty girl on a magazine page, or maybe George Clooney in a movie? Is it all of the glories of Mother Nature? Or is it in the faces of your loved ones?

I think perhaps that beauty, rather than a reflection, is a pool of light within us all, something in the recesses of our hearts and souls that looks outward and says...';Yes, this is it!'; What is beautiful to me may not be beautiful to others, yet some things have universal beauty that everyone can enjoy.

Sometimes there is even beauty in ugliness, in the weathered face of a very old soul, or in the decrepit shanty with a rosebush planted near the steps. We may not have time to think about it, but this is definitely a world filled with beauty.Beauty is just a reflection in the eye of the beholder - right ?
You start with a blank sheet of paper and some crayons. Now get creative love.
beauty is a ref;ection of society, and what the group considers pretty. more than individuals.

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