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What do people mean by the phrase ';beauty is in the eye of the beholder?';?

Everyone has their own perception of what beauty really is. Which is great really, just imagine we all liked the same person..

=)What do people mean by the phrase ';beauty is in the eye of the beholder?';?
It simply means that everyone has their own idea of beauty and therefore two people can look at the same person and judge them totally differently.What do people mean by the phrase ';beauty is in the eye of the beholder?';?
It means that each person sees things differently. One person might think something is ugly while to the other person it is beautiful - hence the phrase.
Beauty means different things to different people.
I think it refers to the beauty of appearance and means that beauty is relative - what you find beautiful might not necessarily mean I find beautiful too. Its a taste thing or rather a mind thing.

I like the Pythagoras theory - something symetric is easier on the eye than something asymetric although I find the asymetric more interesting to look at ;)
One mans ceiling is another man's floor.
Each person sees beauty in their own way. One person will like a living room painted burnt orange another will think it's hideous.
That each person or ';beholder'; has a different concept of ';beauty';, a thin boy might be handsome for you, since another girl might like fat boys, a blonde girl might be attractive for a man, while another man rathers brunettes; so ';beauty'; or the concept of beauty, who you qualify as ';beautiful'; depends on what you like, is very subjective, that's why it depends on each person, on the ';eye'; or perspective of each ';beholder';.
Everyone has a different outlook on beauty. One girl may look beautiful to some, but ugly to others. It all depends on what characteristics people like. Some may like a thin girl, and others may like a more curvier girl.
What you consider beautiful I may consider ugly therefore beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The beholder being yourself if you consider it beautiful.
well one persons beauty is an-others nightmare,,,,
one person's minger is another person's sex god!!!
It another way of saying that tastes are subjective and entirely personal.

For example: I think you look great on your Avatar.

Another person may not agree with me or think even the opposite!
';one mans food is another mans poison...';
it means everyone has a different idea of what beauty is, one person may find someone drop dead gorgeous while the next may think their dead ugly :)
Beauty is subjective.
It means one who thinks one is beautiful than one is .Beautiness cannot be judge from just from your dress or face.The fact that most matter is how beautiful your heart or your inner soul is?Also your judgment also mean a lot.It's up to you how see the thing ,how can you recognize the beauty in that thing?
Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder, otherwise people who everyone else sees as ';dead ugly'; would never get a partner that truely loves them.

I actually know someone who is so shallow when it comes to judging people's perception of what is beautiful. For instance she could never understand how an ';ugly'; lady could have such a good looking husband/boyfriend and vice versa. People like her can never understand the meaning of the phrase. And I sometimes wonder why that is the reason why she has never had a decent boyfriend, she is too obsesse with what is seen as conventionally handsome or beautiful, rather than looking pass that and seeing the other beautiful things a person has to offer.
Every one is attracted to different things, Beauty of form, inner beauty, beauty of the soul, beauty of innocence etc..
This means that it is only the persons who see a person or thing as beautiful that really perceives it and can describe it. It also means that beauty appeals differently to different people, it depends on how you are looking at it
It means that everyone sees things differently, someone that one person might find attractive another may not. It's a bit like ''love is blind'' could simply mean that you chose not to see someone's faults because you love them.
Same as.. ';no accounting for taste';.

I may fancy you for various reasons.

Someone else can't see what I see in you.
Beauty is subjective. What appeals to one person may not appeal to another. What we find beautiful is based on personal preference.
I think you have to measure it against the conventional views of beauty that we hold as a society.

If were talking about people, stereotypical views may dictate that someone isn't attractive or desirable. But to his or her partner they are the most beautiful thing in the world, they appreciate the persons uniqueness and qualities and more or less everything about them - They are his/her idea of beautiful outside and in, people on the outside can't see what he/she see's.
Beauty is seen differently by different people. Finding perfection is about seeing past someones imperfections and finding them perfect. I also think it means we may look at an old woman or old man and just see wrinkles and white hair but their partner remembers how they looked when they were young and because of that they find them beautiful. Also you can apply it to fashion because what people found fashionable or beautiful in the past may not be appropriate or practical today. That is my take anyway, good luck finding your perfect answer.
Like every body has different tastes in food,clothes,cars and so on we also have different tastes in people.One man,s plain jane is another man,s dream girl.
see the beauty on the inside of people not just the shell
it means that different people have different opinnions of what beautiful is. And sometimes someone will consider someone beautiful simply based on their personality rather than there looks because they seem beautiful to them.. make sense?
they mean that someone who is beautiful to them isn't beautiful to someone else and vice versa
it means we are individuals, and look at beauty in different ways.

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