Thursday, December 17, 2009

I use black eye liner on my eye, eyebrows,my lips and create a beauty mark on my face?

i make the beauty mark the size of a dime.This is a new look i have been tring i like it..... but my 2 month son cries everytime he see mommy and people on the streets keep staring at me. i think they like it it too but i have seen teenagers staring and laughing. what should i do.I use black eye liner on my eye, eyebrows,my lips and create a beauty mark on my face?
Less is best. Too much make up, unnatural make up can bring unwanted attention. Focus on enhancing your God-given features, not adding features that you naturally do not have.

There's never been a natural ';beauty mark'; in history the size of a dime. Look a Marilyn Monroe or Cindy Crawford as examples. Their natural beauty marks or moles on their face are more like the size of a peppercorn, caper or smaller.

The size of a dime probably looks like a hairy deformity, it's so not natural. Yikes....

Maybe you want to visit a make up counter at a department store or a Sephora store and have a professional make up artist show you how to apply make up in a way that enhances your natural features vs making you look like a circus clown.I use black eye liner on my eye, eyebrows,my lips and create a beauty mark on my face?
either your joking.

Or you just need to not put black eyeliner ALL over your face.
So basically you're a mime?

Love your humor. Hugs.
This is probably the most ridiculous thing I've ever read.

Answer? Quit putting eyeliner all over your face.
Well for those who are saying DONT WEAR IT. Dont listen you just need to proportion it better instead downright getting rid of how you enjoy to look. Instead of eyeliner on your lips which isnt good for their condition try a plum colour lipliner , stick black eyeliner to the EYES only , and brown eyebrow pencil it should look more natural.
are you serious? if people are staring and laughing, stop doing it!
I know why they're laughing, because you have a fake beauty mark on your face! It's a bit silly if you ask me...People can tell it's fake and that's not good because then you just look over the top. And a beauty mark the size of a dime is huge for a beauty mark! Plus, no one has black beauty marks, and that makes it look more fake. And if people are laughing at you it probably doesn't look good sorry. I would stop doing that if I were you. And why are you putting eyeliner on your lips? that's just wierd. Oh and drawing on your eyebrows, is only for scene kids ok. Eyeliner is not made for your whole face.... I would think the name would tell you that.
If the laughing bothers you, stop doing it. Otherwise, you cant really complain. You know why people are laughing at you.. it's weird.
Wash your face, try to look normal.
Black eyeliner really should only be used on the eyes. You can create a small beauty mark with it, but you'd probably be better off using brown for that purpose and keeping it the size of a sun freckle.
Stop doing making it

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