Thursday, December 17, 2009

Prove that beauty is eye of beholder?

Does anyone have prove that beauty is eye of beholer?Prove that beauty is eye of beholder?
Most celebrities that people consider attractive, I typically do not find attractive at all. Everyone is attracted to something different.Prove that beauty is eye of beholder?
I thought it was beauty's in the eye of the beholder? Anyways its when a [im just gonna use a guy and a girl] guy thinks one girl is beautiful but another girl to him isn't attractive, but the girl he finds unattractive could be a goddess to another man. In other words just because you are beautiful to one man doesn't mean you are beautiful to EVERY man.
There is no real proof as it is an opinion- some are of the opinion that beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder.

Rick above used my example. Most people think Angelina Jolie is gorgeous. I honestly think she borders on unattractive. I don't find her facial shape, excess under eye skin, or huge lips, attractive at all, not to mention her too thin for her angular frame body. No, not jealous. That is what most people say when I say that I don't think she is remotely pretty. I have that same ugly body and bony arms and the under eye pouches. If I were going to be jealous of someone for their beauty it would be Halle Berry. That being said, I have found that most people think Tori Spelling and Sarah Jessica Parker are unattractive if not ugly. I agree, but a few people think they are gorgeous. There. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We all like different foods, etc. so why wouldn't we all like different looking people? I mean most people love ice cream and pepperoni. I won't touch pepperoni and only eat homemade ice cream if I make it.
thats a really interesting question!

i personally have never really understood that question, but now i finally get it

basically it means that if you find yourself beautiful so will everyone else

i'm not sure i agree with that, but i think everyone is beautiful in their own way

beauty is not a standard

beauty comes in all forms
ok, have you seen the comercials for the special people......

well, they may not be beaustiful like a movie star, but they are beautiful on the inside,and some people think they ar beautiful too....;_ylt=AkUzgxNUGpP.8i5GEkIly.QazKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20090213225128AA73WDc;_ylt=AirCgdwuDT4aQGw4vtfRGJ0azKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20090214000534AANq1Mc
a lot of guys think that Madonna is attractive. I think she is a disgusting troll.

a lot of guys find angelina jolie to be attractive. I dont think she is good looking at all.
Don't believe all what you read, its a lay , beauty is beauty a fat ugly girl is a fat ugly girl that's it

gays on the net are hypocrite

If a lot of gays think Madona is attractive so madona is attractive that's why she is famous, It would hard to be a star if she weight 250 pounds.

the smart gay below is just hypocrite.
We all perceive different realities. Different people have different expectation for beauty.
thats too easy to prove. everytime a girl posts a picture of herself on yahoo answers and asks the guys to tell her if shes hot not every guy finds her pretty.

That's what makes a person of the opposite sex fall head over heels in love with a specific person in their life........
Sometimes people have different tastes

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