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Is beauty truly in the eye of the beholder?

Do you think that there is much truth in the statement ';beauty is in the eye of the beholder?'; Or do you think there is an objective standard of beauty that those who we deem as attractive meet? Why is it that someone who one can find gorgeous another can find plain?

Personally, I think it is subjective. Women who I find stunning others do not. What gives us a positive impression of someone when we look at them, both when we know them personally and when they are strangers? Do we all have individual ideas of beauty?Is beauty truly in the eye of the beholder?
I think it's a cultural phenomenon!

Many American girls date American guys because they perceive that as the norm. In my school for example many students are confused when they see a blonde (girl) date an asian nerd! (even if the nerd is a good person). It's as if culturally, asians need to stay with asians (which is not to far from being racist.) It amazes me that some girls are willing to hang out with ignorant bastards who happen to be drug addicts. But are not willing to date someone who is a good companion!

In other words I think that black, asian, white, indian and etc. will probably date people of their own nationality, race, color and physique.

People who don't agree or decide on such barriers are more open-minded than others. Or maybe the ones who do include such factors in their relationships are to closed-minded.

I'm not trying to say one has too choose a ';cultured'; boyfriend/girlfriend. I just want to say some people realy avoid dating people because they look ';different.';

In my opinion though a good-loking person can attract others. But attitude is what folows outer beauty. Are youa nice person or a bitchy one?

I hope I answered your question. I hope I did!!Is beauty truly in the eye of the beholder?
God made us beautiful. Ask a mother to name the most beautiful child on earth and she would name her child without batting an eyelid. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. That is why there is no single yardstick to measure beauty. For some, beauty is is natural. For some, it might be an illusion. That is why you can even create an illusion of beauty. The cosmetic industry survives on this.
It definitely is subjective!! But when someone thinks they are beautiful, they radiate a confidence like none other. It's really amazing what beauty is capable of in the eyes of a beholder. People (like me) who have no confidence, it's impossible to get a boyfriend, unless they treat themselves as worthless, and that's when guys take advantage of them. It's actually pretty sad.

Just get up and tell the sun how you feel about yourself everyday, and you will be rejuvenated so much. (Haha sorry that didn't make sense kinda cause I'm listening to Nada Surf and they inspire me :D)
yes beauty is in the eye of the beholder, to an extent. I think there is a standard of beauty that most people buy into because they just don't know any better. Were being told what we should look like. What is pretty and what isnt. there are different types of beauty 'in that standard' and there are different standards.

some people are more brainwashed than others, i think most people are.
Yes, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. There are standards that are set into the minds of society based on celebrities and what movies say are attractive. And there are general aesthetics, like how bunnies are cuter than a piranha. But some people think piranhas are way cooler than bunnies. Ultimately, each individual has his or her own set of aesthetics.
yes i agree with you.

i believe beauty is relative and not absolute. there shouldnt be any set standards of beauty, however ith pageants and stuff sadly there is.

however, when two people view the same thing, one persons aesthetic experiences may be completely different from anothers. For example, in american culture, its beautiful to be thin. But in some eastern cultures, its beautiful to be big/fat because it means that you arent poor and can afford food.

people differ in perception, thats what makes us so unique! we all derive pleasure from our OWN feelings and senses of what is beautiful. so yes....those are my reasons for why beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
Absolutely. It's completely subjective, because I've lost count of the amount of times I've seen people disagree who they think is attractive and who isn't.

If beauty was truly universal, we would all have the same standards and preferences and it's pretty clear that's not the case.
ABSOLUTELY....the media however brainwashes people into thinking that they should look a certain way, mainly young girls. If beauty wasn't in the eye of the beholder than we would have all been made the same. Everyone has something different to offer. And each person is looking for a certain something.
i think beauty comes within you who you are. if your personality is great then sometimes beauty isn't everything to some people. Some people may think that just a way a person dresses makes then attractive. to me its all about how you carry yourself that makes a person attractive to me
yeah, isn't that one of the cheesiest things you have ever heard? Anyway as cheesy as it may be, I think it's probably true. Look at it this way: I love tall guys, with blue eyes. You might think that's ugly. One outfit I think is sooo cute, u might gag at. Some people can find beauty in some genres of music where others shunn the noise with confusion and disgust. Hope my perspective on this helps a little:)
its always good to be pretty dont get me wrong but when u think that you are pretty and you have self confidense than guys find it more attractive trust me a couple of guys have told me that but if you become self obsessed then its not pretty so basically yes it is
.: It is True

but there are things that influence our View.

Age, Socioeconomic Status, Values %26amp; Tradition, The people that are close to us %26amp; The Media

plays a major role :.

.: We tend to lean towards those aspects to identify ';Beauty'; :.
yes, because someone might be pretty to you but not as attractive to another person. Same thing with you or me, depends what type of people you like, or they like. Get it ?
Yes I believe that's true. People have the prettiest people considered ugly and the ugliest people considered pretty. But hey that's my opinion. That proves to you that it changes with everyone.
Absolutely, everyone has their own definition of beauty, that's why there is that other saying ';there is someone for everyone';
It's true, as nasty as this may sound, I find Rosie O' Donnell to be the most gorgeous creature roaming the earth.
yes, there are cultural standards, but some people find the olsen twins hot, and some people find them skinny and weird looking for example
as cheesy as it sounds, it's true.
My beholder is about to tweak.
i think its a combo
You have asked a question that can be explained with Quantum Physics. What you attract or find attractive in your life is determined by who you are. You are a combination of many things, way too many aspects of you, determines what you find attractive.

I have seen in person on several occasions, famous movie stars who looked quite plain in person, in sweat pants. I work among famous movie stars so I could discover that beauty is indeed shallow, if you believe Hollywood and People's Magazine.

You are the only one in your brain and your brain perceives life according to your upbringing. You find certain people stunning because you are allowing yourself to see that angle in them.

I have two faces. My left profile looks like I am a grandma and my right profile looks like I am 29 years old. When I smile, I can light up an entire room yet when I am serious, I am a plain Jane.

The most gorgeous models and Hollywood stars are just as insecure as the janitor of the highschool in my home town. Beauty is about the way we were trained to percieve the world we live in. We live in a materialistic world where a cleavage is more important than a University Degree.

Some of my most beautiful friends are missing most of their teeth. I also have drop dead gorgeous friends. My drop dead gorgeous friends are the most selfish of them all.

Can you imagine all the guys who befriended me because I was her friend. She is so hot, she is an expert manipulator. My friend Isabelle is a stunning beauty in person and it became her handicap.

Some consider Salma Hayek to be a beauty, yet in person, she is a plain Jane. Is a cleavage beauty ? Is rotten teeth beauty ? Beauty strokes your ego because it is an emotion. We are a bag of chemical emotions because that is why we are human.

Beauty starts with the animal kingdom, especially with birds. Male birds flaunt their colors whereas a female bird is normally plain looking. A rooster is a perfect example.

What determines what you perceive in life is dictated by what you have exposed your self with, in your life. They keep telling you Jennifer Aniston is pretty because she has nice hair and a skinny body. Her face is on every newstand there is, every cash register at WalMart has the face of Anniston on the cover of their magazines.

I am a plain Jane yet wherever I go, everyone stops to look at me. They look at me because I have a healthy body and a sexy body as well, eventhough my face is plain. All the guys look at me because they cannot resist looking at my body. A natural instinct to be attracted to another. We procreate because we are tempted with beauty. The richer the man is, the more gorgeous the wife will be.

Catherine Zeta Jones is my proof.

btw, Holiday Greetings from Seattle, Wa

the land of the USA

Caroline Couture Taylor

Can you imagine, how imbarassed I have been to catch married men look at my legs, to catch married men look at my boobs. I have been researching this for years to see and understand what is beauty.

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