Sunday, December 13, 2009

Is Beauty in the eye of the BeerHolder?

I reckon it must be cos after 6 beers, I find that Big Bums get smaller and little Boobies get a whole lot BIGGER!Is Beauty in the eye of the BeerHolder?
Beer makes everyone look good. (Even you, Randy)Is Beauty in the eye of the BeerHolder?
I will raise my beer can to that CHERS mate
Absolutely, never fails.
Beauty is definitely 'in the eye of the beholder' otherwise we would all like the same type of person. What is beautiful to one is ugly to another, but after a few beers our perceptions change and may well find someone attractive who when we were sober would not look twice at!
You must be drunk or acting like your drunk.
It is in the eye of the beerholder, until the beer wears off or you wake up wondering what the hell did i do??

But you know, you can slow down and not get the buzz that changes your perceptions that much
It actually has the opposite effect on me, im more on my gaurd. Never tapped when ive been under the influence and dont intend to. I work a bar, so i do know what your sayin, im everyones babe after a few beers and they talk to my **** and not my face. Think thats why i know better.
I like the handled beer mug the best it don't make your hand cold, and looking through the bar mirror it suits me
Yes, the evil drink has got me into loads of trouble,the only problem is that I never learn,still keep pouring it down.
yes except if your blind then beauty is in the hands of the beholder.
nah its the truth that comes out mostly
Yeh cos every guy looks like Brad Pitt after 6
There are those who get blind drunk. Is the question whether or not it can happen in only 6 beers?
We had this question last week!!!! It's getting boring now....
Just saw your picture. You're beautiful, man, beautiful.
Good question. I think you are correct, although I don't have any concrete proof.

I also have wondered why the last woman in the bar at closing is always the most beautiful. I can't figure out why someone didn't take her home a long time before closing.

But I'm not complaining, because I'm always the lucky guy who ends up taking her home for the night.
Randy, that's classic. Is it yours? May I have your permission to use it?
hic wha yea
Indeed it is. Keep an emergency pack for the morning by the bed side though ;-)
I've been as drunk as Dean Martin (and more) - and still could perceive just as well as I do sober.
oh yeah thats soooooo true. I've woke up to some horror stories who looked like jim morrison the night before and chris moyles the morning after. oh the shame! beer is so good yet so evil!!!!
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