Sunday, December 13, 2009

Do you believe physical beauty is in the eye of the beholder?

Yes or No?

If so, how come certain people are more attractive or desired by the opposite sex?Do you believe physical beauty is in the eye of the beholder?

And IdkDo you believe physical beauty is in the eye of the beholder?
Yes and no.

Certain aspects of beauty appeal to almost everyone: for example, large eyes, shapely figure, defined body, and clear skin are all widely accepted signs of beauty.

But then you have those certain traits the my strike different people as beauty. For example, I find farmer's tans and Vietnamese eyes wonderful traits, but others don't.

It's a very wisdomatic thing to say, but how many people think that a 400lbs obese person with acne is better looking than Halle Berry?

Sure, sure maybe some people are attracted to fat people let's say, but most of the time those people who are attracted to obese people talk about them like they're objects.

';I love how her big jumbo thighs rub together'; '; I just love seeing her eat'; ';It turns me on when she's out of breath';, and ';I love how her stomach drops down between her thighs';, All the talk shows I've seen about men who are only attracted to obese women all talk about them like they're nothing but a sexual 400 lbs chunk of meat ready to fulfill their desires. Nothing dear or sincere.

But anyway, yes very few people find others who are unattractive to most attractive for whatever the reason, maybe they remind them of someone, but it's unanimous that we can all agree who's more prettier between Freida Pinto and Amy Winehouse...

I think David Tennant is totally hot, but my sisters are just like ';WTF is wrong with you, you dumb b*tch, he's gross.';

The same way some girls are nuts for Rob Pattinson, and some think he's repulsive.

People just have different tastes. Some people like blondes, some like brunettes.
I think so. I mean, think of it this way. You're an artist of some type-music, writer, painter-and you pour your heart and soul into making something and when you're done you'r like huh, cool beans.
Yup everyone likes different things in people. I'm not attracted to gingers and some people are. Case and point. :]
no the beholder holds nothing physical
Yes! Or else how in the heck is Sarah Jessica Parker considered remotely attractive..
yes. everybody thinks i'm so beautiful.
if you mean: when you see a beautiful person and your mind goes KAPOWWW!!!!!!! then yes thats why guess always have to put their hands infront of somethin down there
i believe that physical beauty is in the beholder of the eye
No, very few people would find a 400 lbs person attractive.
Yes I do, everyone is beautiful in their own way

A lot of guys think Bella is attractive, but I sure as hell don't.
ya, people have different likes.
of course i do

and as the answers above me ppl don't understand the quote...

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