Thursday, December 17, 2009

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so what is your definition of beauty?

Please, not only include looks, but personality traits and anything else you can think of.

Have fun. =)Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so what is your definition of beauty?
A great personality. Someone who is understanding, sweet, down to earth, smart and likes you for you.

Look wise..just decent..and good hygiene. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so what is your definition of beauty?
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder is what we have heard our whole lifes... I dont belive that. I belive that beauty is when someone is truly confident in thier selves and not caring what others really think about them because they are confident in themselves and truly happy knowing that they are doing the best they can in life love and anything that is in ones personal life. When someone is able to relize this in themselfes they are the most beautiful.

well the guy doesnt have to be the cutest or most handsome, he just has to look like he takes care of himself, not to the extent where he has long, girlly cut hair and wears skinney jeans. ughh! i hate when a guy looks like a girll. So ya like i said he has to look healthy and that he ';grooms'; himself :D

and personality, which is 23183290 times more important than what realy makes him ';handsome';

traits like

cares about me

doesnt give into rumors and crapp

funnny, good sense of humor

idk but like i love when boys tease me and stuff like joking around with me(not like THAT) but like when he kidds around!!!
I think beauty comes from within.. i mean you can meet someone who is asthetically pretty but once you get to know them personality wise.. there just blah.. you can also meet someone who is not astetically pretty and there personality is like woah and then you see them in a new light.. they suddenly become ';pretty'; all of a sudden.. it happens all the time!

please answer my question =);鈥?/a>
Dark hair

Blue or green or brown eyes. Really just nice eyes.

Good sense of humor

420 friendly

not an alcoholic


sharp dresser but also not annoyingly so

musically inclined


animal lover

good with kids

likes his/her family

appreciation for kitsch a must
to be honest, I am quite shallow. I think you have to have a good personality to be beutiful but also have to have the looks.
Someone who dresses well,

has very clean teeth and a nice smile,

and blue eyes,

and has a sense of humor, and doesn't take anything too seriously.
Beauty: a sense of humor, a great smile, self confidence, and a great personality.
Someone who makes me laugh

Is confident

Dresses well

And is loving %26lt;3鈥?/a>

Please check out, will take 2 secs!
I dunno...I've had crushes on guys that look totally different, but what they all had in common was they were funny, innocent, knew how to have a good time, and comforting :)
kindness. someone who loves others, is generous, thoughtful, patient, reaches out, helpful, selfless, considerate.
somebody who accepts people for who they are.

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