Sunday, December 13, 2009

Why is beauty in the eye of the beer holder?

Why does alcohol make a person seem more attractive and the next day not so much?Why is beauty in the eye of the beer holder?
beer goggles...

you lower your standards plus the fact you can't see straight...

Why is beauty in the eye of the beer holder?
Because alcohol impairs our senses and makes us very ';loose of mind';. We're more open to new experiences and are much more lenient when it comes to standards. When we wake up the next morning and have our senses intact, we remember that we lowered our standards the night before and vow never to drink again. Coyote Ugly...
Beer Goggles. You lose your inhibitions and what you'd normally consider a sow's ear seems more like a silk purse. Either way, it will FEEL like a silk purse. Then you wake up and oops, sow's ear. Time to call a cab.
Alcohol numbs the senses. She looks better....

smells better....

you get my message. :-)

Cause when you get sharty, you get the '; I don't turn down ****, but my collar'; mentality lol
because when you drink you are very care free. you become yourself, without all of the judgmental characteristics you may have! lmao
whatever job well done right? :)
I really don't know. It happens to me quite alot. I do a lot of stupid things with drink on me.

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