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What does the saying ';beauty is in the eye of the beholder'; mean?

Just wondering. :)What does the saying ';beauty is in the eye of the beholder'; mean?
I means people see things differently. I might look at something and think it's beautiful and you might look at the same thing and think it's not even pretty.What does the saying ';beauty is in the eye of the beholder'; mean?
There was a great Twilight Zone episode titled ';Eye Of The Beholder'; %26amp; stated it best.

The entire show focused on a lady who underwent plastic surgery. Her whole face is bandaged up. You never see the doctors %26amp; nurses' faces til the very end. When they finally remove the bandages, they realize their operation failed. The lady looks in the mirror %26amp; SCREAMS, yet here, she's the most beautiful lady. Then they show the Drs %26amp; nurses, they all look alike %26amp; are horrendous looking w/ like 'pig-type noses, etc', all simply grotesque.

Moral is is that they all look alike %26amp; think they are beautiful, while the real beauty was with the lady. And she thinks she's ugly, she's absolutely mortified as she thinks they are the beauties of society %26amp; wanted desperately to look like them.

Rod Serling's ending was this: ';Now the questions that come to mind. Where is this place %26amp; when is it, what kind of world where ugliness is the norm %26amp; beauty the deviation from that norm? The answer is, it doesn't make any difference. Because the old saying happens to be true. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, in this year or a hundred years hence, on this planet or wherever there is human life, perhaps out among the stars. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Lesson to be learned...in the Twilight Zone.';

Check out that episode. Fantastic! Rod Serling rules!
It means that people have different standards of beauty.

One guy might think a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes is beautiful, while another might think a girl with brown eyes and black hair is beautiful.

Someone can look at a sunset and see beauty, while someone else sees beauty in a creatively designed building.

Basically, beauty is subjective.
Beauty is subjective. What one person considers beautiful, another may consider plain or even unattractive. For example, much of what we consider beautiful is cultural. In some tribes in Africa, elongated heads are considered beautiful. In some Polynesian cultures big feet and hands are beautiful.
I personally think that the saying means that we all have personal preferences, which is unique.

';Beauty is in the eye of the beholder'; which we all have personal definitions for. (Whether it's leggy blondes or the dark, sensitive poet, we all decide.)
IT means the person who is seeing is the only one who can judge who is beautiful. YOu may think someone is ugly but the person they are in love with thinks they are beautiful. Beauty can only be judged from the person giving it.
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