Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder?

Who else besides me is absolutely sick of hearing how hot/good-looking/pretty/ beautiful/attractive everyone else is, and then you realize that people aren't saying that about you? Can everyone be considered ';good-looking'; by at least a few people, even if not by many?Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder?
Absolutely. Beautiful to one person can be hideous to another, and vice versa.Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder?
Beauty does vary from culture to culture and person to person. But I've noticed regardless of culture women who appear younger with a more symmetrical face, a smaller waist, and rounder hips were considered beautiful

And for men it's a stronger jaw and facial structure, a v-shaped torso, muscular, taller.
Yes I think its is in the eye of the beholder...

Because some guys like blondes, some like brunettes, some like tan chickes, some like pale ones....It just depends on what you think looks attractive...

Im really really skinny, and some guys think its hot that I am, and some guys think its gross...Just keep your head up and be confident, because confidence is the hottest thing a girl can have!
I'm sure everyone can be called beautiful by some people. Beauty is DEFINITELY in the eyes of the beholder, a lot of people say Adriana Lima is absolutely beautiful, but i find her VERY average looking.

Almost everyone has a different perspective of what is beautiful and what is not, that's why the saying came into use.

girls call me ugly

my mom calls me gorgeous

some guys don't like me

but i could care less.

it's what i think about myself, not what they think of me.
yea. iv had guys tell me im to fat and my booty is to big or whatever, and iv had other guyz tell me im the hottest chick theyv ever seen. so i think beauty is defenitly in the eye of the beholder.
';Can everyone be considered ';good-looking'; by at least a few people, even if not by many?';

I don't think every women on the planet is beautiful. Whether its due to their personality, or looks, or both, their ARE ugly women on this planet. Ditto for men.

That being said, i DO believe that there's someone for everybody. I highly doubt there's a human being on the planet who NO ONE finds attractive.

Hope that made sense. (:

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