Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder?

is a perfect ten different for everyone?

is basic norms like staright teeth-large eyes- square jaw for a guy- littel nose?

what famous person do you consider a ten.Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder?
yes! i went out with two guys who I thought were dead sexy and my friends were like ewwwww hes ugly, you can do better than that -what can i say, everyone has an opinion and it can range from ugly to gods gift to women. so, only what you think matters b cuz you cant please everybody.Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder?
Beauty REALLY is in the eye of the beholder! It just depends on what you like, and what you think is pretty.
yes it is. I used to think that a man had to be so handsome,

like prince charming. That was until I fell in love with my guy.

He definitely isn't ugly, but he's not a prince charming. I love

him for who he is. We both loved each other at first sight. I kept thinking this will pass. It hasn't and won't.
I'd say that it is all in all. If you were to line 20 guys up next to one another, and parade a number of women with different faces, hair color/styles, and body types past them you'll have common opinions of attractiveness, and you'll have a ton of different opinions as well.

The same applies if you did the same with the fairer sex as well I'm sure.

Speaking from my own personal perspective, there are aspects of beauty on a woman that I love, and there are certain things that are an instant turn-off (obesity, for instance)....but those things can be 100% oppositional for another man.

So, is obesity in the 'eye of the beholder', I truly believe that the answer is yes.

Now, as to which celebrity that I believe is a perfect 10?

I'd go with Eva Longoria....she's absolutely stunning. I've always gone for women with more of an exotic/foreign look about them.
it deffinatley is!! for example, i dont really like red or black hair on guys but my friend loves when guys have black hair. hmm famous person i consider a ten...well hes not that famous but i think tthat Tyler Johnson (abercrombie model) is really cute.鈾oxo ellie
it is,...i think,..

i had this friend who i used to think was pretty,..

but after we had a fight,..

she had bad skin,..ugly face and a very irritating voice,..

but after we stopped fighting,..she seemed ok looking again

hence proven,..
absolutely in the beholders eye... my friends and i are almost never attracted to the same guys. (some yes... but we all love george clooney right??) i never found john cusak attractive until i met my significant other. i noticed they look a lot alike and now i love john!

matthew mcconaughy is a ten! ... so is josh harnett... i'm just ganna stop before i get all sweaty!

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