Sunday, December 13, 2009

Is beauty in the eye of the beholder?

Are there things that are universally ugly or universally beautiful?

Or is there potentially a taste for all things in creation and a revulsion from all things in creation somewhere within the totality of humankind?Is beauty in the eye of the beholder?
Yes I believe it is.

Each and Everyone of us have different outlooks on Life,If We All perceived things with the same view,Life it's elf would be even more Tedious .

I Find Beauty in Ugliness,as I also Find Ugliness

in Beauty,But at the same time All things in Life

to me,Are Beautiful in it's Own Right.

War,Treachery,Maiming,Destruction, Torture and Killing are The Ugliest Things In This World.

Repulsion is as one Finds it to be.Is beauty in the eye of the beholder?
The statement is a metaphorical statement and you are trying to take it literally, which is the source of your puzzlement.

A blind person obviously cannot see, but they can describe things and people as being beautiful.

An old ugly person can be beautiful because of some kind act they do or the grace in which they might accept kindness from others.

Every year in Petaluma, CA, there is an ugly dog contest. The winner has to be the most beautifully ugly dog submitted. This years winner was a chihuahua, blind in one eye and with three legs which looked like it had been on the spin cycle too too many revolutions.
Yes there is something called universal beauty, even though you might appreciate the beauty of someone, you might not be attracted to her/him. You just admire, so I would say, attractiveness is the one that is in the eye of the beholder. But the greatest thing God has created in the human consciousness is that everyone attracts someone.

i think it's a bit of both.

human beings as all animals find certain traits that can be observed visually as being beautiful because these traits are meant to be good for procreation of humanity.

this is how evolution is meant to work. for example breasts are good for feeding babies, wide hips for giving birth without dying, and all other ';beautiful'; traits have purpose this way.

i could never pickout the beautiful cow, but the bulls can because they have evolved to be tuned to their own specie.

but us humans don't only have the emotional attraction we also have mental, so we have an extra dimension on how to judge beauty. some might find a woman with fake breasts and a facelift beautiful while another might not. some might have prejudice over a ';beautiful'; person because they would find them to likely be shallow or stupid or had everything handed to them or some other stereotype, and same goes for the opposite.

also a blind man would judge beauty far differently than a man who can see perfectly, this way beauty would most definitely be in the eye of the beholder.

plus since humans don't evolve in the same natural way animals do because of our access to technology we can develop different tastes for what our body considers beautiful for survival of the species.

for example you never find overweight wild animals, because they would be easily hunted and killed. but humans are impervious to this, so we can even develop humans that find overweight extremely beautiful.

so i think there is probably enough of a variety of people to find every possible physical trait attractive, though some are much more common than others. and on top of that logic and knowledge affects how we perceive beauty as well, including media. there has been many styles over the ages people have been pretty much the same. it used to be and still is in many asian countries that fair was beautiful, whiter skin, because this meant you were rich and stayed out of the sun, rather than work outside as a farmer. that's why women would carry those sun umbrellas like they still do in asian countries. whereas in the western world women will go to the tanning salon and try to look darker, like if they live in a hot country and suntan on the beach. which incidentally makes you look older faster.

i just read your all things thing.

i think it is similar for other things like a sunny day is a beautiful day because it is good for our survival, a rainy day is not because you can die in a thunder storm.

there is also an inherent cuteness to many babies of animals. people find spiders and snakes ugly because they might kill you. stuff like that, i think most beautiful ugly has to do with this. don't forget that what has beautiful colors, are the colors beautiful because the animal is colored beautifully or is it because you have evolved to associate beautiful color to the kind of light reflecting off of that being.

color is not a property of light or the world around you. it is a translation, and interpretation, an invention of your mind. light goes in your eye, and you brain creates color and associates color to wavelengths of light. just like you can have a heat sensitive camera that assigns color to temperature but that does not mean that heat has color.

knowledge affects here too. for one an equation is beautiful, for another it is just symbols on a page.
Beauty is a mixture of relative and absolute.

If most people agree that Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt are attractive, then this means that their IS an absolute element to beauty. But also there's a genetic element to it. We will find certain people attractive as they will be a good match for us genetically.
There is a potential for beauty everywhere. For example, when I see a roach in my kitchen, I see ';ugly,'; but somewhere in nature, this critter is beautiful.

What more needs to be said?

And for humans, every single one is beautiful in some way.
I'd say beauty is in the amygdala of the perciever.
Yes, but it can be influenced by others, media, friends, culture.
Whenever I beholden her she is beauty to me
Yea, I look at life as a woman's love, could be either!

beauty is in the eye of the beer holder

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