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Is Beauty ';in the eye of the beholder';? Or is there a universal, objective beauty?

Is Beauty ';in the eye of the beholder';? Or is there a universal, objective beauty?Is Beauty ';in the eye of the beholder';? Or is there a universal, objective beauty?
A little of each. There is genetic responses to beauty, but some beauty is learned.Is Beauty ';in the eye of the beholder';? Or is there a universal, objective beauty?
Symmetry has a universal value.

';The Path of the Higher Self,'; Mark Prophet, and

';Creation: Artistic and Spiritual,'; O. M. Aivanhov, are good re beauty and truth.
I think it's entirely subjective.
totally subjective. It's like taste-- i read somewhere once that people in the indonesia, i believe but don't quote me on that, found the taste of cinnamin to be really gross, while people in the americas loved it. its the same thing, but different for each. personally, i think you're as beautiful as you see yourself.
a child does not know beauty untill it is introduced to the concept therefore it is in the eye of the beholder

and beauty is just like other words that have no true meaning
There is no beauty without a subjective opinion

There is no beauty without a subjective opinion
Beauty lies in us.. GOD is the creator of everything...He has made his entire creation beautiful but we are not beautiful inside thats why we see some part of this world beautiful and others ugly...I mean we judge beauty ...
Truth is beauty. Beauty has nothing at all to do with eyesight. beauty and eyesight are not compatable.
Dear yaoi,really,if you have agood heart,you will have a kind,passionate affection%26amp;feelings which will reflect on your eyes.someone can see beauty of life even in ruins because it has some memories of a certain people who lived in this place,you can see even beauty in simple natural things which others doesnt care.I think every day, isee the light of the sun,the moon,the stars,hear the sound of nighingale on the bush of the green tree to give me sense of life%26amp;wisdom is a miracle.because it will be anew day in our life, mamanawal.
Both. Everything is beautiful outside. But it is appreciated through your eyes and mind.
eyes? -- there are different nature -

1) eyes with flush and blood

2) eyes (which gives in-sight) .

3) eyes - the third eye - - can we take it spiritual - eternal

then what is beholder -- Can we take it as an outstanding example of its kind.


let us find an acceptable (or amicable solution) for the issue raised --

if you refer the EYE - which is flush and blood -- then -- the answer is :::: The qualities that give pleasure to the senses

A very attractive or seductive looking woman -- then -- it is certainly Universal objective beauty!!!!!!

EYES which give insighet - then the answer is --

A person who becomes aware (of things or events) through the senses -- then this is the beauty ';in the eye of the beholder.

is it the third EYE - which you refer -- then you will be seeing the creation, object of the Great Creator of the Universe - The Almighty!!!
based on the answers, i'm going to say it's in the eye of the beholder. each one has a different definition of beauty
As far as physical beauty for women goes there is a 2:3 ratio of waist to hips. Just about every female model through history has that ratio whether they were beanpole skinny or a bit on the thicker side.
All of creation is beautiful. The beholders eye is of no consequence, it is a rationalization for the benefit of one who cannot see.
It is in the eye of the beholder. But if Aristotle's 'qua Man' is the ideal of our race, then this definition of Romanticism in art should represent the ';objective'; beauty:

';Romanticism is the conceptual school of art. It deals, not with the random trivia of the day, but with the timeless, fundamental, universal problems and values of human existence. It does not record or photograph; it creates and projects. It is concerned鈥攊n the words of Aristotle鈥攏ot with things as they are, but with things as they might be and ought to be.';

';Philosophically, Romanticism is a crusade to glorify man's existence; psychologically, it is experienced simply as the desire to make life interesting.';

';The Romanticists did not present a hero as a statistical average, but as an abstraction of man's best and highest potentiality, applicable to and achievable by all men, in various degrees, according to their individual choices.';

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