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Do you believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder?

I watched a show about the science of attraction, and they said the ';beauty in the eye of the beholder'; saying isn't true, which basically means all humans are shallow. People only care about good looks or wealth. But the show didn't discuss anything about personality or intelligence, which seems strange..Do you believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder?
Since I am aesthetically ';blind'; I'll have to take that as a yes.Do you believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder?
Yes,I do believe in that.Though through popular culture the image of ';beauty'; has been popularized as the likes of actors and actresses in Hollywood,there is really is no basis for beauty.If you're talking about physical beauty than this saying does comply,since one man's dream girl maybe the disgust of another.But this saying also does comply with personality.I do not think that people only think about look or wealth,it may just be a stereotypical way of seeing things,but there are still people who would turn down a guy with a Ferrari,for a guy who commutes.Cheers.;)
Of course everyone has slightly different ideas of attractivness that originate from an individual's background as well as other key factors but for the most part we all have a very similar idea of attractivness.

We may tend to judge people a lot on attractivness but both our perception of attractivness as well as our admiration for attractivness are rooted deep into our genes so this is totally natural and we can not help it. For this reason it is false to say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it really is not a matter of opinion but this is our body's way of selecting the best partners for mating so that our children will inheret these characteristics such as strenght and height for a male and good skin as well as a well structured face for a female which are both indicators of health and good genetic quality.

It is by no means shallow as it has been one of the key factors in the rapid evolution of humans. We would not exist in the complicated form that we do if it were not for this process.

And besides you said ' But the show didn't discuss anything about personality or intelligence.' Looking at your statement morally, would it not be as equally as shallow to judge someone by their intelligence? Considering that intelligence just like attractivness is something that is fixed in the individual's genes so nothing can be done about it. And i guarentee you there is as little correlation between attractivness and kindness as intelligence and kindness so in my opinion judging someone by intelligence would be equally as shallow.
I really feel the saying is quiet true that ';Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder'; as every individual has different taste and likes and dislikes, just look at it in this way, may b a person likes someone but other may not like that person as his choice may differ, so making it quite true to say above quote.And there are many who don't give beauty, weight age as per looks, but also refer to a persons behaviour and nature.
Beauty is multidimensional. While it is perfectly true that some things like symmetry and health are universally attractive, it leaves out the aspect of personality that makes an otherwise less than perfect individual exceptionally beautiful.

My grandmother was not young, not especially tall or physically attractive, but she was a beautiful human being. There was kindness in her face and strength in her hands, strength in her face and kindness in her hands. The twinkle in her eyes was lit by the lively wit and long life of experience.

Her beauty was obvious to my young eyes.
Well yeah. But I think it's a little more complex. For example. Humans are designed to like certain things, like positive attitudes, healthy looking people. Think about it. Being in the sun which is healthy for you gives your skin a glow and color. Eating right shows in your figure, and hair, an skin. If you eat bad, your skin is bad, your hair is dull an thin, an you gain weight. If you eat good, your hair is shiny, an healthy, your skin is clear an has color. If you have sex a lot, it can show in how you look too. Your hair is shiny, you're in a better mood, you have a better immune system. I think that's all part of nature, you're attracted to healthy, happy, active people because they are physically, the best to breed with.

I also don't see a problem with dating someone who takes care of their looks. I mean, if they don't put any effort into themselves, or care, or love themselves, why should someone else? If you feed your body crap, an it gets obese or sick, why should you expect anyone else to love your body? Or be attracted to it? An I think it's the same with your character, if you don't have confidence, an you put yourself down, why should anyone see you as anything better? I do think that personality, an immune system, an pheromones. Make a big difference. An it is true that what WE find uniquely beautiful, is in our own eye. But I don't see many people finding people who treat themselves like poo attractive.
I would say beauty is in the PERCEPTION of the beholder.

Either you know and understand, i.e. perceive, beauty beyond looks and wealth, or you have not yet developed that perception.

This applies to many things. Some may percieve the sheer beauty ahd awe of staring at the stars in space, realizing that it took millions of years for the light from each star to reach their eye, essentially seeing millions of years into the past into our infinite universe. Some may not have this perception and may not give the stars a second glance.

and it's wrong when you say all human are shallow

some stuffs that may look ugly can be pretty, coz it's the way you wanna distort your view

some stuffs that may look pretty at first sight may be ugly, coz you're looking at them from different direction.

e.g. elvis or marilyn monroe lived such a glorious life but died through drugging and suicide.

e.g. good looking people can date ugly people

e.g. when you've found the meaning behind the pains you've went thru in life

to take it shallowly, beauty is what you see as beauty itself, without discovering the means behind it.

to get it real, ';beauty is when you can find it in the ugly';. (but of course it depends on whether you've found the right type and in the right way or not)

life is full of pains. so people learn through it and this what teaches them more towards not becoming shallow, at least in more parts of life.

the show didn't discuss anything about personality or intelligence -i find it strange too.

or perhaps they're trying to tell it indirectly, in order to make things sound simpler. where it works this way: you look at somebody, and it's not only your eyes that detects the visible outer part that's working, but also your mind and heart that could detect the invisible inner part of a person, so i guess that's where the intelligence/personality detection works through your ';eyes'; (the naked eye and the i dunno..mebbe inner eyes(?))
People are shallow, and do only care about attractiveness and wealth. However, this saying can have multiple uses. Statistically speaking, most of today's people consider beauty to be what is deemed by society as being ';what someone should have from their chosen mate';. These day's Advertising is our babysitter while we grow up, and TV tells us how we need to live. Nothing is ever good enough for us, and we always strive for more Crap, to fill our lives with.

I could go on and on about reasons why they are wrong. But what it all comes down to, is what you think it means. The fact that it was on TV, already says something about the shows opinion. If you understand the saying, and know why it works, then you probably shouldn't care what some retard on TV says. You don't know that they aren't getting paid by an advertising company, to make you feel guilty and watch their TV show. Or maybe they are making an outrageous claim that this quote isn't true, in order to make you watch their show...

You never know them. Nor, philosophically, do you ever know anything...
A couple of years ago we went to the Black Hills camping for 10 days, I think that the Badlands are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. My G'ma loves Indian culture and so she incorporated it the whole trip. We even went down to Wounded Knee.

Knowing the history of the Badlands we never much wanted it, that why Indians were given that land. I think I am more found of it because I know more about it.

If you could meet someone from the inside first wouldn't life be so much more simple.
If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then beauty doesn't exist. Beauty is what stands out as most excellent; if anyone can decide what is excellent at any time, then there is no real excellence. Relativism doesn't work.
To an extent. Beauty is not just what's on the outside of a person, but also on the inside. Looks + Personality = Beauty.

So technically, it's eye, heart and mind.
I think that saying is true. While one person thinks another person is ';beautiful'; the other person might think that person is ';ugly';. I personally like a persons personality rather than their looks.
I think it is. But I find beauty in personality, more than I find it in looks.
I think that most people do only like people for money. But, i think that some people do love other people for there personality. And those people are really awesome.
To some degree yes, we have our own preference, but basic things are just sort of programmed into us. (I watched the same show, so I might be a little biased)
Unless the beholder is blind.
S'all idiosyncratic, yeah.
i think that true beauty is same for all, irrespective of whether you want to appreciate it or not...
Beauty is what gladdens the heart...

...its in the mind...

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