Sunday, December 13, 2009

Eye beauty????????

how will i make my eys look bigger and fresh age is 23................Eye beauty????????
always wash your eye makeup off with an oil-free eye-makeup remover before you go to bed. use a cream at night and a gel in the morning. gels reduce puffiness and creams help nourish your skin. never use your facial cleanser in your eye area since the eye area is a much more delicate skin than the rest of your face. eye creams with alpha hydroxy acids help to gently exfoliate as well. also look for something with hyaluronic acid in it, this helps to continuously hydrate your eye area.Eye beauty????????
what u saying??????????????????????????
Line the inside of your eyes with eyeliner and use a Black Masacra. This will make your eye look poping
u can use eyeliner, mascara and dark eyeshadow.
mascara and eyeliner always work for me!!!
white eyeliner, on the inside of the lid makes your eyes look bigger, and brighter coloured eyeliner, like blue, and purple, and green. not black. and browns.
honey i kno wat u eyes are big and i'd really love to make them a tad go for mascara and kajal or eyeliner.
cucumbers and yes definately mascara it always works
i heard that white eyeliner makes the eyes bigger. for fresh eyes i try all kind of fruits
Go for lens, that will make your look more shiny, bigger and attractive. Believe this is Good for everyone. And if you dont want to go for that then use only eye makeup dont go for any blushon or lipsticks as than you are jus concentrating on your eyes and when highlighted they will look much more attractive than what they are
apply white eyeshadow to the corner of your eye, it will make them appear more fresh. depending on the angle of how you apply your eyeliner you can make your eyes look like different shapes. use eyeliner very thin on your upper eyes closest to your nose and then make it a little thicker once you get to the middle and throughout the end of your lashes. Put eyeliner a little bit past the lines but not to much and your eyes will look more full. Go to the MAC counter and they will show you and put the make-up on you for free. There eyeliner works best and will last through a swim class and a shower!

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