Thursday, December 17, 2009

Beauty is in the eye of some bullshit?

or however the sayin goes.. anyways i think its pathetic, how people tell others on (rate me 1-10) they are beautiful and dont worry about what others think, but at the same time they put on make up buy fashion designer brands, get their hair done... its all to impress someone not to impress to yourself.Beauty is in the eye of some bullshit?
They say it to console people who are not very good looking.Beauty is in the eye of some bullshit?
The Phrase:


Refers to a person's ';Inner Beauty'; (Not the physical beauty).

A person may not be physically attractive,but will have inner qualities,that attracts the opposite sex. (In other words:) The person may have a winning personality,or be knowledgeable of certain aspects. The person may be someone who has a caring heart. When other's see these traits,they see the inner beauty. Everyone has an ';Inner Beauty'; deep within them. We are all born with it,but only other's can see it!.
ppl do it all to please themselves because ppl are gunna look at them D*I*K head!!!
Actually, I have never had my hairdone, dressed up or put on makeup to impress anyone. I do it because it makes ME feel good about more, no less.

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