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Are there absolutes in beauty? Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder?

how will you define beauty, and how does different cultures define beauty? how is external and internal beauty able to affect us, in thought and action?Are there absolutes in beauty? Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder?
Beauty is whatever you find beautiful. Worry not what others may thinkAre there absolutes in beauty? Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder?
Beauty can be Ugly or the other way round, all within the eye of the beholder. Take a look at couples on the street and you will notice much mismatch, so beauty is individual taste.

The artist, the photographer, the fashion designer, the musician --- all have their own taste of beauty but will be much different to the mother, the lover, the fan, the listener as they look for something more --- the inner feeling, the connection and the extra factors of attraction.

Just like book, don't choose by cover as the content is more valuable in building up the connection, feeling %26amp; love for it.

Beauty is the feel not the look. Mother will always love the child and is the most beautiful feeling of love. The lovers did the same and so are the fan of STARS. How to understand them? What particular aspect of life or sector of thinking that has trigger the spark of love for Beauty. What beauty in a stone, a shoe, a bag, a colour that attract attention and give the birth of liking or love? You are the decider.
I went to a summer camp last year, and they asked the exact same question. It's sort of a difficult question if you really think about it. It sort of depends on whether or not you believe in absolutes. I personally feel as though beauty is not in the eye of the beholder since, if you really think about it, there has to be some standard. That begs the question what defines that standard, and that is the challenging part. I feel as though beauty is more inernal, and there definitely is some importance on external, but I feel true beauty, and the beauty that holds to some standard is internal. Someone who is kind, caring, loving, etc. would be considered a beautiful person, whereas someone who is cruel, mean-spirited, etc. is considered ';ugly';. I do feel external beauty is a bit more difficult to define, because different people see different things.
There are no absolutes, but there are standards in society, created by majorities. What is commonly called ';beautiful'; is what the majority thinks is beautiful. And you can know this because of all the different cultures that define beauty differently. For example, in Mongolia, large women are said to be beautiful, but in countries influenced by western culture, skinny, almost skeletal women are considered attractive, and large women are called ';fugly';.

Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, and people who believe in absolutes are just subscribing to the majorities' views, or agree with the majorities.

I define beauty as kindness, benevolence, and innocence. Although external beauty is not unimportant, internal beauty has the power to inspire and make us better people. I think Mahatma Ghandi is beautiful. I also think John Abraham(actor) is beautiful, but externally, and I wouldn't grieve if he died as much as I grieve Mahatma Ghandi's death.
This is the question man tried to answer since ages. No one could answer it right.

If you believe the poets, writers in different cultures and languages from the past. Its fantasy to me. I could not find the any one as described in those.

Now a days it has become personal taste, rather than an ideal accepted by the society.

Good thing is that internal beauty has remained same and well defined through ages and will remain so.

Honesty, trustworthiness, truthfull, you name any good quality, that adds to internal beauty.
Absolutely, there are absolutes in beauty, first beauty needs to be defined...everything God created is beauty and Lovely even the things we deem ugly, but only to us, because God is Love and love to him is Absolutely beautiful. Which leads us into the second part of your question...It was beautiful in his eye which is the gateway to his soul his heart.he is the holder of it all. We are to love just like him...So yes is in the eye of the beholder. It is up to us to see it that way. My opinion.
There are absolutes in beauty, although different people have different understandings of beauty. This explains why there are differences of taste, but still some works are regarded as classics and persist through centuries, while others are fashionable for a few weeks but shortly forgotten. is confidence....externally and internally

..i always wonder why so-called ';beautiful women'; needs to put on make-up...aren't they oredy why the need of further make-up....guess they dont have the confidence... my say...those who dare.....and not to put on make-ups and be wat they are.....are the beautiful ones...

..similarly u dont have to make-up a front to pretend to be beautiful ';internally'; time people can know the real you....
From what I've seen in the Philosophy of Aesthetics, I like Kant's conception the most. What we find beautiful are things that we hold a disinterested liking for, in that their existence does not constitute any means or ends of our own and yet we like them.
Beauty? ha!

Beauty is a gift given to us by Gods.

External : if we're ugly, we'll develop low self esteem..

if we're pretty, u 'll be like '; is my makeup on?'; like every single day.
yes beauty the apple of and eyes of many people around you.

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