Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder?

I'm starting to doubt it.....

What do you think?Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder?
Absolutely, not only on a physical level, but also on a psychological level. Of course we all have different ideas about what is attractive. But as you get older, you begin to learn a different way of seeing.

If you have a partner who is very good-looking, but a mean person , that person will grow ugly in your eyes, when you look at them, you won't see a stunningly handsome guy, you'll just see a rat.

Conversely, if you have a plain looking partner, but they are a beautiful person on the inside, they will grow beautiful in your eyes, when you see them, they will look great.

Whatever is on the inside will begin to show on the outside as you get to know the person well. This is why you eventually learn that good character and a sense of humor are more important than good looks.Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder?
yes.. but there are obviously other factors that play a role in that, as well, the beholder is the individual who deems something beautiful. I think that there can be beauty found in all things. I truly believe that. I also believe in world peace.. so unfortunately for you, you probably would be more comfortable with someones opinion that is less of an idealist. Sometimes the beauty is in a composition, or in a sries of wrongs, or in rights, or in appearances, or in moments- aren't we all the ';beholders'; anyway? This question that you asked, can really be answered so many different ways.
Absolutely.I doubt that phrase sometimes,but it is very true.Its just like saying 1man's meat is another man's poison(or however it goes =P),i know im not making much sense,but yeah,i think the statement is true
Yes, but it depends totally on the individual and varies widely. There are some things most of us can agree on - for example, who thinks Jessica Alba is ugly? But I believe that for each person, there are others who'll find beauty in him/her.
yes it is,whats beauty to one isnt to another,its prefrence,but regardless we are all different in our own ways,its a fact.simple as that,so no need for doubt..
Lose your doubt please Heather Honey. I've got a picture of you, remember? You are indeed beautiful. And, I get to behold your lovely image anytime I want to :) :) :) :) :) YAY me!!!

%26lt;---he has no idea how to A this Q :( ('cept for honestly)
Yes, everyone has beauty in some way, whether it is inner or outer or both.
all depends on what you're beholding

why doubt it? of course it is. i'm sure there is someone out there who will eventually like you,
Yes. Case in point would be the heaviest man in the world getting married. It was on the news yesterday.
Nope it's in the eye of the beer holder :-)
yes it depends on if your high or drunk all the time
I never understood what that phrase means - any answers care to explain?
i behold this question:D haha

honestly id like to think that but idk sometimes its hard....

ive seen it happen.
It so very much is.
no, i dont think it exists x
ive always been told that phrase- what does it mean exactly?

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