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Define ';beauty is in the eye of the beholder';?

i always thought this idiom meant that He who created us (God) made everything beautiful, therefore I used to think that ';beauty is in the eye of the beholder'; would be a good response to a compliment someone may give you about your beauty. so in giving this reply its kind of like just saying 'theres no credit to me for the way I look, because God is the beautiful creator'

..something like that. so, someone please explainnn exactly what it means

thank youu

=)Define ';beauty is in the eye of the beholder';?
when ppl say that they usually mean beauty isnt fact, its perception and anything can have beauty its just not everybody sees it. its like a concept that who are we to declare something officially unattractive. so the beholder is just any person looking at something/somebody. for example u could think somebody was very attractive and ur friends say 'how could u like him? hes so ugly!' and ud respond 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder.' hope i answered ur question well.Define ';beauty is in the eye of the beholder';?
The saying ';beauty is in the eye of the beholder'; in it's essence means that the one looking at you is the one deciding that you are beautiful. So the judgment given, might and will differ from person to person.

The usual use of this saying is in a situation where one says something about the beauty of someone/-thing and you disagree with him/her. You are doing this by stating in subtly way that, it is his decision to think the thing or person is beautiful, a decision you needn't necessarily share.
Beauty is like taste. You like chocolate and I prefer vanilla so you think chocolate is tasty... It's basically saying that beauty is based on the observers taste. While a majority can find you attractive because you are fit, one guy might like skinny while another prefers well-fed. It means that your attractiveness is determined by the preferences of those who are judging you.
It means anyone can find anything beautiful. It's up to the person who is looking at it to decide if it, whatever it is, is beautiful or not. Ever looked at a girl and said to your friend ';she's so pretty'; and your friend said ';what? no way!';. Everyone has different opinions and find different things beautiful.
beholder is the person thats looking at you. basically, two people (beholders) can see the same object differently. Take a Picasso painting for example. The first person might see it as the most magnificent display of genius, while the second might see it as rubbish and nonsense.

Meaning its how the ';beholder'; views the object, person...etc that decided weather or not its beautiful
Love,Well,In your case,The beholder would be you. Anything that we see as beautiful,Remains just that.......As beautiful. God created Man and woman alike in his own image. God created the world,Life,The Moon,The Stars. And if we compliment these creations on their beauty,Then that is what we say they are. We can speak the truth,But then again we do intend to lie now and then. I do know this,Whenever one talks of beauty,We do intend to speak from the heart. Love,God created this world for us to live in. And I know quite well that God wouldn't want his own creations to live in a dull,ugly,And morbid world. I'm no preacher,And I don't intend to preach my religion. I am just speaking my opinion here and now before you. My name is David and it is an honor as well as a pleasure to write to you. Love,I hope my answer pleases you so. If not,I'd like to beg and plead for forgiveness. I need to leave now. :( You have a goodnight and God bless,Love. Bye for now.
It means that everyone has a different opinion on what is beautiful. Example- we have all seen children who are less than lovely, but their parents think they are perfect. Also, people can see beauty in things that are intersting and important to them that others can not see. Example- artists/abstract art.
i guess it all depends on how u look at... i agree wit u and looked at n a similar way: i think it means that u should b happy the way god made u and if u think u're beautiful and u feel beautiful also (basically having high self esteem n self confidence) then that makes u a beautiful person.
The ';Beholder'; is the one who is looking at the subject. The beauty within his eye suggests that beauty is not solidly factual, but rather solely opinionated. For example, one can think that something is beautiful while another thinks it is hideous.
a person can see beauty in anything, different strokes for different folks
the beholder is the one who is doing the looking and judging. example...what or who you think is beautiful, may not be to someone else, and vice versa. the beholder is the one who is looking at the person or item being judged as beautiful or ugly.
The beholder is the one looking at the other.

I always thought the phrase to mean that beauty is an opinion.

Everyone is beautiful in the opinion of at least one other person in this world.

But that's just what I think.
this idiom means that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. the eye of the beholder is whomever is beholding. but God would be the ultimate beholder of all beauty.
it means that everyone has their own definiton of what beauty is. what some people think's beauty, other people might not. everyone has different opinions on beauty. it's in the eye of the beholder :)
it basically means that one person can think someone is ugly and another person can think the same person is gorgeous. its saying beauty is an opinion. the beholder is the person looking and judging.
I always thought it meant beauty is in the eye of the person/people that loved you, it isn't a literal interpretation, but I think it means that we see the beauty of those we love
well ur answer is interesting but i thought:

some people think that someone is pretty, and some people think that same person is ugly.

different people will find different things beautiful.

the beholder is the person who is looking at the someone.
well i've always viewed it as the beholder being ther person looking upon the ';beauty';. so the object or person in question of being beautiful is related to the one looking upon it or them
It means that beauty is just a perception, and different people find different things attractive in a person. Also beauty is more than skindeep (but we all know thats a load of crap). Also dont dwell too much on god, hes fake.
beauty is in the eye of the beholder means that ever person has a different idea what beauty so what one person thinks is cute someone else thinks is ugly it has nothing to do with god
Say you like this boy at school, but everyone else says hes ugly. You are the ';beholder'; and you see ';beauty'; in the guy you like. So, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!!!!!!
the beholder is the person eg. you!!

what the quote means is that you see the beauty in people, not just their apperance but inside them as in they have a good heart...鈥?/a>
the beholder could be anyone.

for example, dome random guy could think your really hot and another might just think your semi-attractive.

peopel find beauty in different things and they think differently about what beauty is.
the beholder= whoever opinion it is

basically,everyones opinion of whats beautiful is different and no one is wrong nor right.=)
It means that someone might see something as beautiful while others think its hideous. People define beauty differently and find different things beautiful.
Oh i thought it meant everybody has a different view on what is beautiful like they are the beholder.
that beauty is different to all people the beholder would be an individual person thats what it means that everyone has different taste in apperances
It means seeing beauty that others might not see, especially if it's not obvious to the human eye.
2 people see 2 different things differently. Simple.
beauty is in the eye of the beholder means that those who look at you may think you are beautiful or not....THEY are beholding you.

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