Sunday, December 13, 2009

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?

thats what i believe in, one time i was watching this show and this girl, shes like ';no matter how beautiful you are there is always going to be someone more beautiful than you'; and that really made me get angry, different people have different standards for beauty, so no is better than someone! agree anyone? anyways what if your drop dead gorgeous, you look like a supermodel and you have everything, so how can there be some one more beautiful? for example adriana lima, alessandra ambrosio, and ana beatriz barros, all three are gorgeous but every person is different on which one they would pick! am i correct?Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?
yes you are totally correct .. and beauty is like an opinion ppl could think im beautiful and others could think im yeah ur pretty much absoulutly correct..Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?
i do believe you. everyone is different..i just wish people knew that.
There is always the room for personal preference in beauty, for example, there isn't necessarily anything wrong with either blonds or brunettes as both can be really attractive. But some people will favor one over the other. More over, some people might see shorter people as more attractive, and some might prefer taller, others like more curvy figures, and others just want at least something there, etc. So we all have our minds made up to what we like and dislike, and we will see both things in everyone.

But that doesn't mean what is obviously attractive can suddenly not be attractive. Perhaps the beholder might be delirious to what beauty is, or see the world through the eyes of Shallow Hall. Yet there is still the obvious that makes beauty apparent, and that will be the same no matter who the beholder is. Everyone has their superficial pros and cons, and those get measured out differently as the beholder changes, but more or less, we all use the same scale.
i agree. every person is unique and can't be put into a mold of ';beauty'; vs. ';not attractive';, or whatever.
you are correct.

everyone is actually beautiful

in different ways.

there is not just one definition

of beauty.
I'm too sexy for my shirt!
Be who YOU are ............. own it until Your last breath ........... i very much agree ............... ';there is always better'; ......... the flip to that is .............. ';there is always worse!!!!!!'; You know not what these ';super-models'; go through, nor they You ........... all relative darlin!
it's more like...maybe there is a supermodel and then there is a shorter version of her...and the guy thinks that the shorter version of her is better looking...

it means that not the entire world is going to think you are the prettiest person ever...

someone is always going to consider someone else prettier than urself.
i agree with you but the thing is, sometimes a person, particularly females, will read something or overhear someone say what they think beautiful is and try and change to fit the new standard. like say you were walking around and had just gotten this new coat, if you got 5 compliments then someone told you that it made you look fat or something, chances are you wouldnt feel beautiful anymore, at least not as much
In reality, there is always going to be people bigger and better than you. Its the truth. The way you feel about yourself is strictly a confidence booster. I can feel I am the most prettiest girl in the world, but people could see different. I wouldn't say that its only a confidence booster, but its a psychological thing. I don't really worry about if people think I am pretty or not because in my mind and heart I know I AM THE STUFF. My confidence is strictly from the heart. If you know and feel that you are pretty then you are pretty. Who in the world can tell you about you? NOBODY. Its life. We can be unstoppable if people just leave people be. Everyone is different in little ways, absolutely. I agree. But in my mind, I am gorgeous all around.
yes you are correct.
i agree, nobody can be placed as being ';unattractive'; or ';attractive'; or better looking then anyone else, because we all have our opinions and they vary. So it's definitely more of an opinion than a fact.

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