Sunday, December 13, 2009

Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder, but what to you makes a person beautiful?




Bone structure?


What in your opinion makes a person beautiful, and who would you say looks like an almost ';perfect'; person?Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder, but what to you makes a person beautiful?
okay well in shallow circumstances, for a guy

curly brown


uhhh round?

bone structure? umm nice one... not too much?

nose is not small or big with no bumps.

and this guy matt... that've i've had a crush on for 2 years... it's sad really...

but really personality counts for 90% or a beautiful person, everyone has that part where they want someone that's isn't bad to look at. but i thought this guy was cute and he turned out to be rude and i've never thought he was the least bit attractive since. a guy that's nice and sweet [which is probably unrealistic] would be a beautiful person. and girls... well just don't gossip and most of us are beautiful in everyway =]Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder, but what to you makes a person beautiful?
i wouldn't say that to be beautiful you'd have to have big eyes, flawless hair, oval face shape, and a small nose, nice skin, high cheek bones ect. (though those are usually considered ';perfect';) but i think it's more how a persons features fit together, you know?like if you've ever seen Blake lively from goddip girl she has a few bad features but she is still the most Gorgeous person ive seen in my life (my opinion)鈥?/a>

like a kinda big nose and forehead, small eyes and lips. and

her hair is kinda frizzy sometimes. but some how all it all works together. and of course personality is what really does count though like there is a beautiful girl at my school who's really popular and everything but guys don't go out w/ her bc shes so mean. sorry for the long answer... lol =)
I don't think beauty is debated on anything to do with appearance.

Beauty comes from with in.

Your looks could just contrast that.

If you are a beautiful person,

People with classify you as one,

And will physically think of that when they see you.

attitude %26amp; personality

their looks and personality
I personally think eye's. That's the first thing my attention goes to is a persons eyes. I really like sparkly blue boy eyes!!!!!



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