Sunday, April 25, 2010

WTH does beauty is in the eye of the beholder mean?

all beauty is subjective and related to the veiwer

you would probably think a hippo was not very beautiful,

but to a male hippo she is a goddess, and you are just a

skinny-*** human better eaten or trampled then left to

roam the grass. The basis for a lot of racial predjudice

is the fact that we find people who look like us most attractive.WTH does beauty is in the eye of the beholder mean?
';Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it only matters to the one who'll be holding you tonight.

Look at the Springer show, they are some of the ugliest, nasty, skanky people, and yet they have people fighting over them, and proud enough of that attraction to take it on TV Report Abuse
WTH does beauty is in the eye of the beholder mean?
It means that everybody has a different take on beauty
Someone can see something beautiful that maybe isnt in other eyes.
It means what a person finds beautiful is subjective because opinions vary. I may think this woman's a hottie; my brother might think she's butt-ugly. ';Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.'; Get it?
beauty is only how you see it, not what everyone else says.
Its sort of the same thing as saying ';Beauty's only skin deep';. Beauty should be within us, not just on the outside, in other words. The eye meaning the soul of the beholder, (person). Or the eye=our inner self, or our personality. Our selflessness. It can mean many things. That your a very ';Giving'; ';Caring'; ';Loving'; ';Unselfish'; ';Patient'; and on and on, within our own selves... Smile!!!
The saying means that people have their own views of beauty, and what is beautiful to one person may not be to another.
'; The beholder '; of something is the person who is liiking at it example'; the picture was very pleasing to the beholders..That is how beautiful something is varies from a person to another.
We do not all view the same things as beautiful and ugly (people, flowers, scenery etc.) so what I may think is beautiful may not have the same meaning for you and vice versa.

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