Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What does *beauty is in the eye of the beholder* mean?

It means that everyone sees beauty differently - the beholder, or the one looking may think something (or someone) is beautiful where others wouldn't. For example, there is a woman at work that all the guys find very attractive, and I just don't see it. Likewise, there are women there that I think are attractive that they don't.. What does *beauty is in the eye of the beholder* mean?
It means that everyone has different tastes and sees things differently ... what appeals to me may not appeal to you ... therefore ... in ';my eyes'; that something has beauty but in yours it doesn't.

A nice twist on that old quote is ... Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder ... lolWhat does *beauty is in the eye of the beholder* mean?
Different people will find different things beautiful, and the difference of opinions doesn't matter greatly.
in layman, what i might consider beautiful, you or others may not consider beautiful. thus beauty rests in the eyes of the person perceiving it. is this helpful?
That you are the true person that can really say something is beautiful and that not all people have that same eye of beauty for everything and it is different for every one
It means that every person sees beauty differently. So what may be beautiful to one person may not be to another.
that means that everyone sees things different, so something ugl to one person could be beautiful to another. basically, everyone has a different opinion.
It means that everyone has a different veiw of what is beautiful. It's kind of like ';one man's trash is another man's treasure';.

beauty is different for everyone

what you might beautiful others might not and vise-versa
it means that different people see things differently and something that one person finds beautiful, another person may not
It means That I think something is beautiful even if you and others don't. I am the beholder.
you may think that there is beauty in one thing, but another may think the complete opposite.
You see how beautiful someone is when most do not

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